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Hey there! I'm Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom. Thank you for viewing my work! In my senior year of highschool (these were the days before the iPhone and Social Networks existed) I had been fascinated by photography, the look and style of ads, video work, any thing that can visually and emotional stimulate the the eyes and the mind. After college, with the way life moves, I went to work in insurance, then in banking. I made some reviews on Youtube nearly six years ago as a hobby and found they were helping folks! So four years ago, I left my banking job cold turkey and decided to pursue what I had presented in my senior class of highschool. I wanted to work in the creative but to help people in some way. And here I am today, Publisher of JimsReviewRoom and producing some of the most viewed reviews for Youtube, also some of the most visually stunning. Helping millions every month "make a purchase decision." Grateful for everything and much gratitude for you taking your time to read a little bit about me. =) - Jimmy

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