About JimsReviewRoom

Hey everyone!  I’m Jimmy Luong and I created JimsReviewRoom way back when in 2012.  I have focused my efforts to help the average consumer make a purchase decision in the ever-expanding technological marketplace.

My goal in launching JimsReviewRoom was to give an unbiased and in-depth look at electronics with the focus on how they perform in every-day life. I started reviewing smaller items like webcams, microphones, and gaming headsets, and over the years, have expanded to review the best speakers, smart watches and headphones on the market. Through hard work and perseverance, I have a decent list of items to help YOU make that purchase decision.

– Jimmy Luong

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Charlotte NC 28226



So what makes us different?

There are plenty of product review websites online, from enthusiast first-impressions to the tech giants of the industry. We aim to fit a niche that we feel is still unfulfilled, which combines personal, real-world product experience with comprehensive reviews.

We provide entirely unbiased opinions on the products we review. If items are provided by the manufacturer, we disclose that information at the top of the article. Although provided, we remain completely unbiased with the commitment that it helps you, our audience.

Personal Tests
Each product we receive is personally and exhaustively tested by someone here in the studio. We measure technical specs and manufacturer claims to cut through any marketing lingo or jargon that might confuse the consumer.

We pride ourselves on recognizing what makes a product appealing, and we always put ourselves in your shoes to identify the little nuances and specifics that make a piece of tech worth buying.

We use extremely high-quality filming and audio techniques to give the viewer the closest representation of the product. Along with our comprehensive video, we provide a thorough written review of each item to leave no stone unturned.


Overall, we’re here to help you make that purchase decision.