Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless ANC Headphones

New Active Noise Cancelling headphones. I compare the audio to the Bose 700 and Sony 1000xm3. Have a listen here.


Hey TeamJRR!   This is the newest from Sennheiser, these are the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless headphones.   When I first started reviewing audio six years ago, the first generation of these were the first ever headphones I reviewed and they blew me away.  Are these still good, how do they sound compared to the competition, and of course… did Sennheiser improve on their Active Noise Cancelling?  We’ll see.  Side note, the new PXC550 mark 2 is coming soon, join the email list to be alerted.  As always being transparent Sennheiser sent these in for review, however my assessment was not altered in anyway.  I’ll be going over both pros and cons. I’ll leave my affiliate links above, click on those links for the most updated prices in real-time, you never know when these things might go on sale.  



Going over the physical features first, there’s no denying these feel of utmost quality.  I love my Bose and Sony headphones, but the quality of leather used on here is on the level of Bang & Olufsen. It’s super supple, provides tons of feedback and texture when touched, and give it a sniff..  It’s going to smell like your uncle’s cowboy boots.  

Going down the sides, it’s beautiful metal used and more importantly, metal hinges keeping these headphones intact. 





I know this is extreme and I’m not trying to break these, but…  I’m doing this to hear any creeks or cracks, feel if there’s any play with these headphones that makes them feel cheap.  Aside from the earcups adjusting points giving away a little chatter -which is very reasonable – the new Sennheiser Momentum Wireless build quality doesn’t feel cheap at all.    





Getting into comfort, indeed the earcups do pivot and move to conform to your head.  My bigger concern is the weight. I will admit, I do have a sensitive head so this is subjective…  but over the years, I’ve found anything under 300 grams is usually my sweet spot. Anything over starts to feel a little heavy, a little “weighty” if that’s word…  Using my official JimsReviewRoom scale, these do come in just a little over 300 grams.  

With testing, wearing these for several hours, if I have these snugged on my head, I can wear them for hours.  And especially if I don’t look down at my phone. When snugged, I don’t feel these pinching at the crown of my head, and the clamping force is very much reasonable.  Overall, if these are good for me, they’ll be good for the majority of people out there.




Continuing with comfort, this is also very critical.  Do the earcups heat up your ears? Being closed back over ear headphones with once again, supple leather, these were perfectly fine at room temperature.  If you’re wearing this out in the middle of the day, you’re going to get some earsweat like most other headphones. That’s why I’m really looking forward to the new PXC550 mark 2’s.  If they’re anything like the first generation, those might be airier and lighter than these. But in general, the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless are good for the office and at home. If it’s hot outside, or if you’re using this for the gym, I know some of you guys use while working on those biceps, these are going to heat up your ears.  




Let’s get a closer look and see what functions are worthwhile.  
On the right earcup, you literally have the command center.  I left the sticker on here so you.

Things to point out.  ANC has three modes. On/Off and Transparency mode which we’ll test out later.  NFC is still on here for NearFieldCommuncation. The Multi-Function button in the middle if held down, does give you a voice prompt on how much battery life is remaining…  ** DEMO** Although it only gives you a decent range instead of a more precise number. On the very bottom has your Voice Assistant via your phone. Tap this to have Siri or Google Assistant at your service.  With my testing, it’s quite fast.  

Looking at the very bottom, there’s a 2.5mm port for physical connections and last, is the USB-C Charging port.  




Battery life is rated at 17hrs of use.  In general, this is on the lower end of mainstream Active Noise Cancelling headphones like the Bose 700 and the Sony 1000x.  But compared to other higher-end audio brands like Bowers and Wilkins PX, Bang and Olufsen H9i, and Denon GC-30… those other competitors are achieving around 20hrs of use with a very similar price-tag.  With my personal testing at 50% volume and Active Noise Cancelling on, I was able to achieve 17hrs and 27 minutes worth of battery life.  




Bluetooth 5.0 is featured.  Just like USB-C, this is the latest technology being used at the time of this video.  Testing this for distance, I’m getting about 90% coverage through several walls in my 1100 sq. ft apartment before the signal started to crackle.  That’s typical and good for Bluetooth 5.0. Testing this with video to make sure there’s no syncing delays, youtube and netflix played perfectly fine on my Android phone.

Additional Bluetooth performance, I love this feature.  Yes, you can indeed have two devices paired at the same time.  Testing this, I have it connected to both of my phones, and which ever audio I play last, the headphones automatically switches it over.  Super convenient when I’m on my phone and when I get on my computer, bam, it recognizes the new audio source.  

The very last set of features before I quickly glance at the case and then we get to the audio tests.   This has auto-pause and play. Take off the headset and it stops. Put then back on and it resumes. With my testing, this worked accurately.  



There’s a very nifty Find my Headphone feature.  Sennheiser partnered with TILE, they’re known for making these little keychain like Tile’s that helps find your items.  With my testing, it works and it’s good for finding where you last left your headset… but finding them in real-time, oddly with the app, it’s been spotty.  There’s times I have the headphones working and on my head and the Tile app says the headphones cannot be found.  




Last is Transparency mode.  With a flick of the button as I shown you earlier, the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless turns on the microphones and pumps in your environmental audio.  It sounds very natural, possibly the most natural audio pass through that I’ve tested… and I love this feature for safety and awareness. You have to download the Sennheiser app first to have music and Transparency Mode to work at the same time which was a bit funky.  


Alright, let’s get into the phone call test, the Active Noise Cancelling and… the audio test in general.  Folks, be sure to use your own headphones or earphones to hear my 3D like audio experience. And if you haven’t already. To help support my work, follow my Twitter and Instagram.  Just click and follow. Fire emojis in the comment section doesn’t hurt either. Click on the video below.  =)


First off, sound leaking is minimal and most of the isolation is kept within the earcups.  The ANC experience is up there with one of the best.  If you listened to all of those clips, you can tell the differences are very subtle.  Bose indeed stepped up their game with the 700’s, and the Sony 1000xm3 still outperforms everyone by noise cancelling the most, so where does this leave the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless?  It’s in third place. Again, and I want to stress this, it’s still very very good and it’s a significant improvement from the 1st generation Sennheiser PXC550’s. They’re almost indistinguishable from the others unless you had them side by side like I did in person.  A lot of the airness and whooshing of cars driving by is cancelled and voices are audibly reduced. All of this does help with the immersion into your music and also the reduction of distractions. Active Noise Cancelling on this – although not the best – but it’s very much within tolerance as a high recommendation.  


Alright, let’s play some Copyright Right Free music and see how these go.  Again, put on your own headphones or earphones to experience my 3D like audio experience.   I’m telling you, it’s worth it and something special that I do here for the website.  =)

And there you have it folks.  Audio recorded on my end and then played through your earphones or headphones are not the best depiction of music quality, but hence my review here.  

The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless does get loud enough for most.  I’m listening to this at around 75% volume to fully appreciate the headphones, to have it loud enough that I feel like I’m lost in my music and immersed.  

Overall, the audio characteristics is very similar to my Bose 700’s and Bose QC35ii’s.  The Momentum Wireless strives to be a more balanced sound signature rather that being slightly on the bassier side like the Sony 1000x M3’s.  Bass is somewhat punchy for bass heavy songs, but general music, digger deeper and lower would hit the sweet spot for my ears.  


Keep in mind, Sennheiser does have their app with it’s own built-in equalizer.  It’s really made for the average consumer that wants something very easy to manipulate rather than a fine-tuning experience.  Moving the dot will alter other areas of the audio spectrum to help keep things in balance. It’s basically fool-proof. It does help a little with bass but again, I want just a little bit more to hit that sweet spot.  I’m not looking for bass heavy but something with a bit more punch. If you’re bass focused, the 1000xm3 is still the better bet.  


But where the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless really shines…. where it outperforms my Bose QC35ii… offers more finesse than the 1000xm3 and performs just a smidge under the Bose 700… is the mid-range.  Vocal work and instruments are clearly identifiable with being ever so slightly forward, and if you use the app and bump it up to the slight upper right – increasing treble a bit –  the Momentum’s has a bit of airiness to the audio signature. There is detail and fidelity present that’s very much on-par with other competitors with similar balanced audio sound signatures.  The minute difference that I can tell is the sound-stage, audio separation and audio direction.  


The Momentum Wireless sound stage is there… not the widest or best I’ve heard in general, but compared to some of these main competitors…  it’s one of the best. Audio separation can be identified and the same goes for audio direction. You can distinctly interpret between vocals, snares, drums, strings and… also where they’re coming from.  Music to the side, music from behind to music somewhat in-front. The Sony 1000xm3, and I love those things, offered the least, then Bose QC35ii, then these Sennheiser Momentum Wireless, and in the end, surprisingly the Bose 700 had a bit more of audio direction in general.  


Last but not least, the high frequencies.  We’re talking about snare drums, the constant beat up top that helps give that slight sharpness in music to round the entire experience out.  Cymbal crashes, the constant beat in EDM and Pop songs today. The Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless was the best here. Sharp but not ear tinging.  Precise without being ear screeching. Hitting the notes just enough to make music listening enjoyable.  


Movie watching wise, this also supports my experiences as well.  The Sony sounded the best with the added bass for action movies. And the Bose 700 had ever so slightly better audio separation and direction.  The Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless was great for the mid-to-higher notes experienced and dialogue.  

So folks with all of this being said…. Help support my work by following me on my Twitter or Instagram at the addresses on your screen.  I really hoped this review helped you in some way. These headphones are close, actually VERY close in performance with each other. Let me know in the comment section below what you guys think?   Alright peeps, you guys take care. Bye.

– Jimmy Luong

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