Skullcandy Sesh Stupid cheap Truly Wireless REVIEW

These things are STUPID cheap. Tons of bass and features that might just be enough.



Hey everyone.  Whoever told me to review these, thank you very much because… these are stupid cheap and… from a respectable company, Skull Candy.  I decided to not be so cheap… and purchase this one myself.  As always, I’ll be going over both pros and cons and if you want the most updated prices in real-time…  I’ll place my affiliate links above…  click on that and you’ll see if there’s any sale prices going on at the moment.  




Going over the physical features, overall, they look good, and they feel good too.  It’s smooth plastic construction like most other competitors and the touch button is layered with what feels to be a textured silicone covering.  Overtime, we’ll see if this holds up.  




The SkullCandy Sesh is IP5 rated meaning they are sweat, water, and dust resistant.  This can take upto low water jetsprays and with my testing putting some water all over these things, the earphones are still working afterwards.    




Testing these for looks, comfort and stability, I honestly thought the Sesh would have been a bit lower profile.  These are still very good though as they don’t stick past my ears when looking straight on, but looking closer, there’s a little gap.  From the side though, these look fine.  



Comfort wise, these have been great for in-ear earphones.  They’re also super light and airy feeling. And I will admit I would have preferred a bit more stability since the only thing that’s really keeping the Sesh in is the ear-tip themselves.  If you look closely, you can see the bottom of the SkullCandy Sesh is simply resting on the bottom of my ear. But with that being said, testing these in the gym, testing these while running and of course, the reasonable shake here, these do stay in and I haven’t had them fall out.  I do push the right earbud in to make it snugged again once in awhile, but that could easily be my ears.



Onto the physical buttons, I’ll list all the actions below this paragraph.

The one thing that will be a nuisance for you at home is the Double Tap to either increase or decrease volume.  Doing a double press bumps it up once, and if you need volume to go higher, you gotta tap it again. You can’t hold it down.  It’s just not intuitive.  



One feature missing is audio passthrough.  I believe every sport earphones needs this for situational awareness, but you don’t have the feature where the microphones turns on, and they will pump in your environment for safety, for awareness.  There’s just times you don’t need passive noise isolation. You don’t get that here.  

During my testing, I can confirm you can take off the left earbud and still have music play.  It’s the same with the right side if you only want to wear one earbud.  



Since we’re talking about connections, the SkullCandy Sesh comes with Bluetooth 5.  I was worried since they cheaped out with Micro-USB for their charging case, but I’ll get into that a little later.  Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest and greatest… with my testing, I’m able to reach upto 95% of my 1100 sq. ft apartment, having the signal go through several walls. That’s really good.  

Testing this with video.  Youtube played perfectly fine.  Netflix – very odd since this does have Bluetooth 5.0 – has a possible quarter second delay.  It’s minute but it is there though if you scrutinize.  




But getting back to that charging case, again, Micro-USB is used instead of USB-C which some budget Truly Wireless Earphones have.  Battery life is claimed to be 3hrs of use per charge, which is really low. The average is usually between 4 to 6hrs of use at the moment..  The case can give you two full charges per SkullCandy’s website, giving you a total of 10hrs… but oddly when I did the math, 3+3+3 equals 9. Either or, this is on the low end.  SkullCandy also discloses, there’s no fast charging with these, but… I did confirm, an hour in the case does bring the earphones from dead to full.  



These things are crazy loud. For casual listening, at 20 to 25% is good enough, at 30 to 35% volume, it’s equal to most of my other earphones I listen to at 70 to 75% when I want to jam out.  




The second thing you’ll notice right off the bat – doesn’t matter if you’re an audiophile or not –  these are freakin’ bassy as hell. For those who are familiar with the SkullCandy Crushers that comes with huge amounts of resonance and deep bassy notes, the Sesh’s are very similar but the bassy experience isn’t “clean.”  

The quality is very subjective here.  This is definitely in the range of love it or hate it.  

If you like bass, over refined audio, these might surely float your boat.  But those who prefer a bit more finesse, the bass can be very overpowering, somewhat causing the lower end of vocals to be slightly suppressed. Listening to these for a long period of time does cause slight listening fatigue due to all that bass experienced.  



The upper-mid range stood out enough for the upper end of vocals to be identifiable and appreciated.  The high frequencies themselves sound to have some roll off or maybe the bass is too overpowering that you don’t really experience that crisp and reasonably sharp snare drum and cymbal crashes up top.  

With more complex songs, the audio identification does become slightly jumbled.  Hearing say an instrument in the foreground and another slightly off to the side, and then hearing the singer, it can get a bit mixed.  



So as you can see, I try to be very fair, and these’s always a product that fits someone’s need.  Some like domestic, some like foreign. Some dudes like thick, some dudes don’t. These indeed wasn’t for me, these were hyper niche for the bass heads out there.  In the end, if you love bass over refinement, these are worth a consideration for the price.    

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