Jabra Elite 65t TRULY Wireless Earphones – REVIEW

With Alexa built-in and Bluetooth 5.0, the Jabra Elite 65t truly wireless earphones are pushing boundaries on the technical side, but how does the sound performance stack up?


We’re checking out the Jabra Elite 65t truly wireless earphones. This was provided for us as a review unit, but as always we’ll be unbiased here, be sure to read the full review for both pros and cons. Notable competitor specs like the Samsung Icon X are listed in the chart at the end of the page. This particular pair is coming in at $169, marking them on the lower end of the truly wireless market. As always, my affiliate link will be up at the top of the page, click on that link to get the most updated prices in real time, you never know when these things might go on sale.




Going over the physical features first, these things are small and discrete for truly wireless earphones. Thankfully, they don’t stick out past the edge of my ears like some other truly wireless earphones have in the past, sometimes they can look a little unsightly – the Bose Soundsport Free’s come to mind. If you were to compare these for reference, the B&O E8’s or the Samsung Icon X 2018 edition’s look pretty similar in size and fit.

Now, these have an all plastic body – they’re not made of metal, though they do have a titanium paint finish, which I think looks really great here. Overall, the build of the Elite 65t’s are solid and well-crafted. The buttons are very clicky, very tactile, and also easy to reach and recognize.

As for waterproofing, these are IP55 rated, which means they are able to take low-pressure water jet sprays. We tested this here in the office, drenching them from our spray bottle and they continued to function perfectly fine. Jabra does offer their two-year dust and water resistance warranty with the 65t’s, just for extra peace of mind.


As for comfort, these feel absolutely great – the three gel eartips included work very well.  Throughout all my walking, jogging, running, working here in the office they have never fallen out of my ears, I can wear them all day with no wearing fatigue whatsoever.

They also provide excellent passive noise isolation – you put these earphones on and they block out a lot of your environmental noise. Along with this, there is very minimal sound leaking at 50-60 percent volume, which is more comfortable, casual listening. I even bumped them up to about 80 percent volume, which is starting to get quite loud for the 65t’s, and when testing them here in the office, barely anyone could hear or discern what I was listening to – awesome performance there.


Jumping into Bluetooth quality, this is one of the very few truly wireless earphones that finally are embracing Bluetooth 5.0, which is absolutely fantastic for battery life, signal strength, bandwidth, among others… Now I did test this personally myself here at the office with my Samsung S8+, which does feature Bluetooth 5.0. I was expecting a little bit more range but I did reach 88 linear feet before the signal started to crackle. That is excellent range if you’re in the gym – if you’re walking throughout your house, it’s going to be no problem whatsoever. 88 linear feet is typically on the higher end of Bluetooth range, but because it’s Bluetooth 5.0, I was expecting a little bit more. Though for most, if not all average consumers, 88 linear feet through a wall or two here at the office is phenomenal.


Something I did want to touch on was video delay. A lot of truly wireless earphones have issues with syncing, where you hear the audio but it doesn’t line up with characters speaking on screen. I did test these both with Netflix and Youtube on my Samsung S8+, no problems with either, everything was in sync. These seem to be one of the few truly wireless earphones that have that ability.


These do claim up to five hours for battery, that’s pretty much on the average for truly wireless earphones. They do come with a charging case – when you’re not using them, you stow your earphones away in the case and they do recharge on the go, which is fabulous – though this is a feature most truly wireless earphones provide nowadays.  We tested these at 50 percent volume and they actually lasted for 6 hours and 45 minutes from full to dead – excellent in that regard. The case does offer two full charges, so in theory, this gives you a full fifteen hours if you need it. Lastly, Jabra does offer quick charging, in which a 5-10 minute charge in the case gets you about one hour of playback.


The 65t’s come equipped with four built-in microphones, which is a first for truly wireless earphones, and something Jabra is really promoting here. They do pick up your voice crystal clear, very audibly – it’s one of the best, if not the best in microphone quality. The only issue, the only caveat, is they pick up everything around you – someone that’s ten feet away, maybe a car driving down the road, me as I’m walking through doors to leave the building here – it’s all picked up through the microphone in a very loud, audible fashion. Now, if you’re in a quiet environment, these work exceptionally well; again, they’re one of the best.


The reason why there are four microphones in the 65t’s is not only for speakerphone quality, it’s also because they are the very first truly wireless earphones with Alexa built-in. Using this feature is very similar to Google Assistant or Siri on your smartphones as a virtual assistant. Alexa’s features work great, the commands work great; the only issue I’ve found when I did use Alexa was a slight delay – it took an additional second or two for it to turn on. Even as an average consumer, its something you will notice.  I did wish it was a bit more streamlined, intuitive, or faster to engage.


Moving on to audio, these do get loud – I had to turn them to about 80 percent volume. For the average consumer, for most people really, 80 percent is not bad at all – these will get loud enough for you. When comparing them to competitors like the Jaybird Run or Bose Soundsport Free’s, those at about 65-70 percent volume are equivalent to 80 percent on the 65t’s.

Touching base on bass, the 65t’s offer more of a neutral sound, equivalent to the Bang & Olufsen E8’s. The 65t’s do not thump or reach those deep, resonating levels quite like the Jaybird Run’s, but I did still very much appreciate them because of their neutral sound profile. There’s enough bump or thump for most genres, but it doesn’t distort or hinder the mid range. The Jaybird Runs and Bose Soundsport Free’s are very deep and resonating; these are more neutral.

In the mid-range the 65t’s do shine – very good quality and very clean audio. They don’t have quite the same soundstage as the Jaybird Run’s or Bose Soundsport Free’s, but compared to earphones like the Samsung Icon X 2018 edition, the Jabra 65t’s do surpass them with a more complex soundstage. Like the low frequencies, the mid-range does provide a similar sound signature, not overly bright, but not recessed either – more of a neutral profile all around. Finally, the high frequencies were never ear ringing or ear tinging, and I never experienced any listening fatigue throughout my testing.


The app is pretty straightforward, pretty decent. You can adjust which assistant you want – Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. You do have an equalizer built-in as well, which does slightly tune the audio characteristics. It wasn’t as sensitive as the Jaybird Run app, but most of the other competitors either don’t offer an equalizer or offer a very limited one that doesn’t give a noticeable audio response. Here, you also have the “hear through” feature, which will take audio from your environment and pump it into your earphones so you can hear your surroundings while still listening to music, providing some safety if you’re in a bustling city or out jogging at night..


I highly recommend the Jabra 65t’s, the reasons being I think they look great, they’re very comfortable, and their price point is very much reasonable for truly wireless earphones. Having the Alexa feature is a huge benefit, a huge perk, though I did wish it would function a little bit faster, just having it, in general, is something very different when compared to the competition. The audio signature is very good here, it is a bit of a flatter profile – that’s not a bad thing, it just depends on your preference. That’s it for the review, please comment down below and let me know what you think. You can always throw some fire emojis to help support my work. Be sure to check back here on the site regularly to stay up-to-date on our latest work, including website exclusive reviews. Catch you guys on the next one.