Top 5 Tech Gifts Under $100 Dollars

If you’re having trouble thinking of a budget tech gift for the tech-lover in your life, look no further. With the Top 5 Tech Gifts Under $100 Dollars, we’re here with Bluetooth speakers, Google Assistant, and Qi Charging to help you out.


Here’s my buyer’s guide on what to buy for 2018.  Every item is $100 or less… and every product has been tested, reviewed or personally owned by myself, and I would personally stand behind them.  So there’s no fluff or gimmicks in this review – these are the top 5 tech gifts under $100 dollars.  As always, I’ll place my affiliate links in the header of each paragraph, click on those links and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale.  


Google Home Mini

Smarthome integrated, with a bright, clear sound, the Google Home Mini is an extremely capable virtual assistant, and at 50 dollars it’s a budget-conscious option.

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For those who are budget conscious, looking for practicality, something that’s interactive, and can be techy…  For just $50, I personally recommend the brand new Smart Speaker, the Google Home Mini.  We’ve personally tested this at the studio and in a natural speaking tone, we can ask for the weather, if you have Chromecast, use your voice to turn on Netflix or Youtube on your tv, or have the Google Home Mini double up as a Bluetooth speaker for the bedroom, living room or kitchen and play music off of it.  Some of the more advanced features, you can tell this to turn on your smart lights, ask for traffic conditions and how long your commute to work would be…   and be able to turn up or down your Smart thermostat without the need to run downstairs.  

For the average consumer who is not aware, you get the same exact Smart features on the Home Mini, as if you paid for the $200 and up options out there.  The only difference is sound quality and how loud each model can get.  What I’m saying, you’re not missing out on the Smart features by buying the cheaper mini model here.  Second,  Google Assistant built-in is ever evolving.  So if you owned this into the next year or two, it’s never going to get old or outdated.  The Google Home Mini comes in at $50, again, check out my affiliate links in the head of each paragraph for updated prices.  

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JBL Flip 4 & Doss Soundbox

One priced at 100 dollars, one at 30 – but with solid build quality and a clear sound, there are options for every budget.

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Up next, I review a ton of Bluetooth speakers on the channel.  I have two options – the first is super budget-friendly, it’s the Doss Soundbox for $30.  I’ve done the audio test – you can listen to it in my video review.  But for $30, it sounded great.  It’s clear, non-distorting, the build quality is solid and did I mention, it’s only $30?  Battery life is also rated at 12 hours and with my testing, I was able to get 14 hours at 50% volume.  The battery test proves it lasts as long as the expensive models out there.  If you’re wanting some general audio and don’t want to spend a lot, but are afraid cheaper speakers sound bad, I can confirm this one is good.  

Now, if you’re on the upper spending limit of this review, I highly recommend the JBL Flip 4 retailing at $100.  It’s super rugged, you can submerge this underwater if you accidentally drop this into the pool or lake, and it’s stain proof.  The audio on this is the best in class.  A lot of bass compared to the competition, battery life is rated at 12 hours which is very good, and with JBL Connect Plus,  you can sync over 100 of these speakers and have them all play at the same time. 

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Jabra Sport Pace

One of the more budget-conscious options, Jabra’s Sport Pace Earbuds remain one of my most recommended due to their clear sound signature and robust fitness options.

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The third item, these are my personal sport earphones.  I use these more than my PowerBeats 3, more than my Jaybird’s, it’s the Jabra Sport Pace.  The reason why I use these more than my expensive ones is because they’re cheap and if I ever lose them or break them, I’m not flipping out too much.  But I’ve had them ever since I reviewed them which was January of 2016.  Almost two years in and they’re still going strong.

The Sport Pace is similar to the Powerbeats 3 by offering a bassy sound signature and the audio quality is good.  I will admit the PowerBeats do tend to be clearer and slightly more detailed, but, the difference I don’t think should be $100.  If anything, the PowerBeats should be around $130 to $150 to compete with the Jaybird X3.  If you’re on a budget at $100, the Sport Pace is a perfect alternative.  

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Pleson Qi Charger

Stylish, upright, with a reliable and steady charge, the Pleson Qi Charger is a great option as we move into the wireless age.

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Last item on my list, and let me take a moment to explain.  The latest Samsung, LG, and finally the iPhones have wireless charging.  And let me tell you, folks, this is hands down the most convenient, the most practical, the most dah moment that I wish I purchased years ago instead of today, it’s a Qi Charger.  You can buy any model you want, but I personally bought three of these.  But it’s the Pleson model.  Again, there are tons out there, I just bought this one because it works as a phone stand, and charges my phones wirelessly.  

You come into the office or at home, literally slide your phone on this.  And done.  When ready to go, instead of reaching to pull the wire out every time, just pick up and go.  I know, it sounds too simple, but once you actually own one, I am telling you, it’s super convenient.  This one has been highly accurate.  I don’t have to drop it in their precisely aligned and it charges, also, I can orientate this horizontally and watch videos while it’s propped up.  I highly suggest getting the phone stand styles versus the ones where you lay it on the table.  Your call.  This one charge at up to 10 watts, it’s fast enough for me and my daily use, and last, this item was around the low twenty dollar range when I bought it.  Again, the links are in the title of each section.

Check these items out folks.  Again, all of these items are items I’ve personally owned or tested – the Top 5 Tech Gifts Under $100 Dollars.  This list should surely help anyone on the fence on what to buy.  And as always, be sure to Like, Subscribe, and give me some fire emoji’s down below.  You guys take care and I’ll see YOU, on the next one.