Jaybird Freedom 2 2018 MODEL – REVIEW

Jaybird Freedom 2 are the SMALLEST sport earphones I’ve tested. They sound DAMN GOOD too! But the fit? Read more to find out…

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Jaybird released their Truly Wireless earphones, the Jaybird Run’s which I have a review on the website, check it out here, but they also released an update to their Jaybird Freedoms.  These are the Freedom 2’s and they’re priced at $150 dollars at the time of this video, coming in either Carbon or Gold. As always being transparent with you on my work, Jaybird did send these over for review, but my assessment was not altered in any way. Last, I’ve placed my affiliate links above, click on my links and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real time. – you never know when these things might go on sale.

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Going over what comes in the package, items highlighted in orange or gold in the picture above are new or redesigned, while the rest remains the same over last years model.  We have new earfins and eartips, Jaybird dubs them “Secure Fit”, and there’s a new method of shortening the wires behind your neck, called “Speed Fit”.

Starting with the earfins and eartips, they’re now one-piece construction – four different sizes and less to manage.  They’re super soft, very comfortable in the ear, the Jaybird Freedom 2’s provide very good passive noise isolation to block out the world, but the area I’m more concerned about: does it stay in my ears?  This is clearly subjective and I want to make sure everyone understands this, as everyone’s ears are different.  Please, write in the comment section below, if you have owned a pair of Jaybird’s before, did they stay in the ear well or not?  This should help give everyone an idea, versus just my own experience.

The Freedom 2’s are indeed crazy small and very lightweight, more so than any other pair of earphones I’ve tested.  They’re also one of the lowest profile earphones ever, so if you’re wearing a ski mask if you’re going skiing, which I clearly haven’t done, or say you’re biking and wearing a helmet, the earphones stay flush against your ears without sticking out.  Wearing any kind of head gear like a helmet won’t feel uncomfortable.

You can wear these two different ways.  The first is your traditional method like most other earphones, letting it dangle on the back of your neck.  This was okay for me.  The new earfins and eartip combination do work better than my Freedom’s from last year, but compared to the competition, I did have to press them back in from time to time.  The other wearing method that did work for me is the over the ear wearing style.  Flip these around, and as mentioned earlier, there are newly built-in clips that make the wire taught… preventing the wire from bouncing around as much – simply pull on them and they stay in place.  Loved this feature, much easier than last year’s, and easier than the Jaybird X3’s. To undo them, just pull them apart.   This holds true to the Speed Fit name and it works.  With this style, the earphones were less likely to fall out and for the most part stayed inside my ear canal much better.  Again, test them yourself, but being upfront, after reviewing earphones over the last 4 years or so, I’ve had others stay in with a bit more confidence.

Moving on, Jaybird retains its water resistance. Simply spraying – actually drenching the hell out of these things – Jaybird has been holding up perfectly fine.  I’ve never had an issue with Jaybird products over the last several years and specifically with the Freedom 2’s, I can attest mine are still working.

Going over its battery life, most other earphones offer between 6 to 8 hours of use.  Jaybird offers something very unique.  To keep these earphones possibly the lightest and smallest in the world, the Jaybird Freedom 2’s have up to 4 hours battery life.  Sounds short, but Jaybird includes this little attachment in the picture below, and when you’re on your way to the gym, possibly before you go for your run, clip this on, and it recharges the earphones, very similar to a mini-power bank.  You get an additional 4 hours.  In total, in theory, you get 8 hours of total playback.  If you’re in a crunch, 20 minutes of recharging the Freedom 2’s gives you an hour of playback.

So with my tests, leaving it at 50% volume to get a middle of the road number, from a full battery to dead, the Jaybird Freedom 2’s lasted 4 hours and 16 minutes to be exact.  To recharge to a full battery, using the clip, Jaybird claims up to 2.5 hours, I timed my experience and was able to finish at 1 hour and 28 minutes.

As a side note, you can wear the clip while you’re working out or running, I prefer wearing it with the over-the-ear method as the wires stay in place.  If you’re wearing this the traditional under-ear method, be sure to use the clip to attach to your shirt.  The battery attachment is very lightweight and you don’t feel it weighing you down if worn, but it will cause the wire to sway a bit more than not having it on.  Keeping the wire stationary helps a lot.

For Bluetooth connection, Jaybird is using Bluetooth 4.1 which is still very good.  Testing the range on these  I was able to get the full 40 linear feet in my office with my Samsung Note 8.

As for phone calls, voice sounded great during quiet environments.  These earphones still pick up wind noise, surrounding background noise and wind when moving, running, biking, etc.

Getting into audio quality, Jaybird does offer one of the best audio experiences for a pair of sport earphones.  From the factory, they’re on a flat audio setting, but using the Jaybird “My Sound” App, you can get them to sound exactly the way you want.  Using the equalizer, get bassy beat headphone-like performance, or if you prefer bright mids, crisp highs for vocals – maybe rock music – you can achieve that too.  It’s very intuitive and very easy for any average consumer to use.  Because of how easy these are to tune, they are the most versatile earphones for all genres of music. And that’s not a blanket statement, that’s not me trying to make a general statement, these truly are capable of customizing to your personal preference.  For some reason, if you choose not too, there are presets built into the app, as well as from Brand Ambassadors of Jaybird.  Once you like a setting, even your own, the settings are saved into the Freedom 2’s.  Even if you didn’t have the app later, let’s say you pair it with a smartwatch, your audio signature stays with the earbuds, stored there for your listening experience – pretty high-tech.  Overall the audio signature is loud, it’s not distorted, and overall, they sound amazing. You guys take care and I’ll see you on the next one.

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