Beats X Earphone Review

Bassy Beats beat basic brands by being comfortable and casual with a big battery, but waterproofing and durability would’ve been boss.


Hey everyone, Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom.  Beats and Apple are slowly rolling out their new line of earphones and headphones.  I’ve tested their Power Beats 3, then the Solo 3’s and very recently, the Beats X.

I personally paid for these at the retail price of $150 and if you compare these to the competition or other popular over your neck earphones, I do admit, these are on the upper end of the price range.  I’ll go over the features, and for sure the sound quality, and let you know if these are worth a buy or not.  As always, I’ll leave my links above.  These things do go on sale here and there, click on my links and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real-time.

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Going over the physical features, the Beats calls it their Flex Form cable and it’s extremely bendable, highly durable, and despite all of that flexing, retain their shape.

Beyond the neck portion, the wires are tangle-free, lay-flat cables.  One side simply has your power on and off and pairing buttons, which I do admit, don’t provide much tactile feedback to confirm a press.  The other side has your Lightning port to charge your earphones with the supplied lightning cable.  Beats is claiming up to 8 hours of use.  With my testing of leaving these on at 50% volume to get a middle of the road result, I was able to get 8 hours and 12 minutes worth of use.  From a dead battery, I did confirm what Beats calls “Fast Fuel” does work.  Plugging them in for just 5 minutes does give me about 2 hours worth of playback, perfect if you have to head out to the gym and need some audio at the last minute.

Moving up, on the left side is your in-line volume controller, you’re also able to skip and go back on songs, activate Siri and also Google Assistant for Android users.  There’s a built-in microphone where you can answer phone calls and with my testing, this performed very similarly to other good performing microphones. My voice came across very clear, but like most earphones, it still picks up background and wind noises as well.

Moving all the way up, included in the box are 4 silicone eartips: small, medium, large, and extra large.  Only two sets of ear-wings are included, and although not using these things is fine, having the ear wings attached does provide slightly more stability.  Keep in mind, these are in-ear earphones, which means they fit snug in your ear canal.  Most people don’t mind, a few do find the in-ear method to be slightly uncomfortable – something to keep in mind.  Never have they fallen out during walks and runs, and the Beats X do provide very good passive noise isolation to block out the outside world.  But while wearing, it’s great for casual movements, like walking and sitting around the office or home. Though during runs, because it’s an on the neck wearing style, the wires do bounce around a lot, somewhat distracting at times, but a bigger nuisance – I can hear the wire hitting against my shirt, chest, jawline, etc, even when I have music going.  If you don’t drip sweat and would use these at the gym, they fit fine.  But doing any running/cross-fit, you’re unfortunately going to hear the wires bouncing around. Even with that being said, they’re also sweat and water resistant.

Moving on, the earbuds themselves when not in use, are held together as they’re magnetized – I loved this feature.  I do wish though when you put them together, they would have gone into standby mode to help conserve battery, similar to the Jabra Rox.  With the Beats, music will keep going.  One more item that was in the package was the carrying case, I hated this thing, to be honest with you.  You place anything else besides the earphones in here… wingtips, money, whatever, it has the capability of falling out.  Lastly, regarding pairing and signal strength, Apple has been sticking their new W1 chip inside their wireless audio products, and after testing the PowerBeats 3, the Beats Solo 3’s, Apple Airpods, and now these, the W1 chip does typically provide equal or better battery life than most of the competition.  In regards to Bluetooth pairing, after you sync it for the first time on Apple devices, it pairs again nearly instantly, and the wireless range has always been great.  With the Beats X, I can walk around in my entire house and have no issues whatsoever.  Pairing this with an Android device, same experience, no problems.

So this brings me to sound.  Beats are known for bass, and it’s no different here.  Deep, sub-bass levels are hit that most other in-ear earphones simply don’t.  If you like that hard-hitting, resonating tone that bassy songs offer -Drake, Chris Brown, genre’s of hip-hop today – bass heads will enjoy these.  For genre’s not so focused on bass, it’s toned down to prevent it from going overboard and the mid’s are still highlighted.  Testing these with AC/DC’s Back in Black, to pop songs of today, whether it be from Maroon 5 to the Chain Smokers, the vocals are bright, they stand out, and overall, the audio experience is loud.  Regarding the high notes, 99% of the time, it was fine, once in awhile I would run across a song with very high notes, and the sound was a bit sharper than what I would have liked, but again, this was rare.  The soundstage on the Beats X is quite impressive in hearing audio sources left and right of you, but also slightly above you and off in the distance.  Last, I’m not sensitive to listening fatigue, but I can tell these are on the verge of giving me some though.  It’s that experience as if you were in the club or concert for several hours, and when you step outside, you have to rub your ears a bit.  Those with more sensitive ears, I’m sure will experience listening fatigue with the Beats X.

Overall, before you make a purchase decision, be aware, these are bassy earphones and they’re not for everyone.  So for the price, the only reason why I would recommend spending the $150, is only if you like bass, value the on-the-neck style of wearing, value how light and comfortable these are, battery life is important to you and you don’t need water resistance, you’re not planning on running with these, then it’s fine.  If anything, these are more of a lifestyle product than your next pair of running earphones.  It’s only a matter of when they go on sale, when they do, they’re a great option for at-home and casual listening.

So overall, I hope this helped you in some way.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. You guys take care, and I’ll see you, on the next one.

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