Logitech MX Master 2S – REVIEW

70 days of battery, hyper scroll, side clicks, and robust Logitech software. If you want a mouse packed with productivity, the Logitech MX Master 2S is your pick.

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Hey everyone, Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom.  The MX Master is back, and although this looks to be identical to the MX Master, the 2S has some very darn good upgrades and features.  And if you’re new to the MX lineup, they’ve been one of the best options to buy if you’re heavy in desktop production, those working long office hours in front of a computer, anyone that needs as much from a mouse as they can.  It’s priced at $99 retail as with the previous generation.  As always, I’ll place my affiliate links above, click on my links and it will give you the most updated prices in real time.

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Going over the physical features, there’s no question this mouse is large.  Comparing to other mice I have at the office as a size comparison, the 2S fills the palm the best.  The medium sized M705, I can indeed cup the entire thing, and it’s a great mouse nonetheless, but for long hours in front of the computer editing, the larger size with a huge thumb rest does allow my hands to feel more relaxed.  One thing I still wished Logitech would improve is providing a stickier, much more grippy texture at the thumb area, and on the other side where the ring and pinky finger rest, to make it less slippery when handling. That’s something I missed on the MX Performance mouse they had back in the day.

The familiar features makes a return.  The “Hyper Scroll” wheel is perfect for large Excel and Word documents, perfect for long webpages.  You can toggle free flowing or with a tap of the button, you can have a ratchet method of moving around.  If you’re in Photoshop, utilizing the side scroll wheel will move your workspace from left to right, and vice-versa, comes in handy from time to time.  The back and forward buttons that are found on other mice are available to go back or forward on web pages, which is super convenient, but compared to many other mice I’ve used in the past, having the buttons a bit bigger, or simply moving the buttons directly above my thumb would be much easier than retracting my thumb each time to tap.  There’s a discrete button on the thumb rest that when pressed brings up all of your windows for viewing at a glance, and back to a single window pane when pressed again.  So although all of these features from the factory are useful for everyday use, with the free Logitech Options software, you can customize all of your buttons and have them perform certain shortcuts, have them perform keyboard cuts, it’s all customizable.

Now, from here on out in this video, this is where it gets interesting, and personally for me, puts me in awe.  Within the Logitech Options software, you can have the buttons customized to a specific application.  Whether it be Google Chrome, whether you’re using Adobe Photoshop or Premiere, or even Microsoft Paint – you can customize your mouse and use the buttons as your predefined shortcuts.  One example, if you copy and paste a lot, assign copy and paste to your back and forward buttons. Whenever you’re working in Premiere, those buttons are used just for copy and paste.  But once I open up, say a Chrome window, the mouse automatically changes to whatever I have set for Chrome.  In this case, I left it as going back and forward on webpages.

Moving to other new or upgraded features and why you would consider of buying this, is the Darkfield Mouse Tracking.  The original Master had an up to 1600 DPI reading while the Master 2S has an up to 4000 DPI reading making this very sensitive, and highly reactive to small movements.  In your field of work, you might need that.  The Master is still capable of reading on practically all surfaces you throw at it, whether it be a mouse pad, on top of dull wood, shiny veneer wood, and even transparent glass.  Wireless-range-wise, I was able to achieve 27 linear feet before the mouse started to lose signal.

Battery life has claimed to be improved as well, with the original Master lasting up to 40 days, the new Master 2S lasting up to 70 days.  After using the mouse for at least eight hours a day at the office, I received full mouse death after 61 days, 1 hour, and 28 minutes.

Last up, and we’ve seen this before.  You can have this mouse pair via Bluetooth or with Logitech’s Unifying USB attachment.  Three computers can be connected at a time and you can switch between them by pressing the button on the back – pretty straightforward and simple.  But again, the 2S flexes its features list once again with the introduction of Logitech Flow.  Download this software on your Window’s and/or Apple computer, and have the mouse recognized by up to three computers. Now you can seamlessly work across three computers at the same time.  Very similar to having three monitors connected into one system.  You can drag your mouse over to the second and third screen.  You can share your keyboard across all three systems as well.  I tested copying files from one computer and pasting it onto another, that went on without a hitch.

The connection is based off of your home’s network, and not by Bluetooth or with that USB Unifier that Logitech includes.  I tested a 25250-megabyteideo file and it had taken a minute and a half to fully copy over.  Not lightning speed, not gigabit speeds, but for the average consumer, faster than sending files through email or uploading to DropBox and re-downloading.  Now, there are unfortunately limitations which does take away from this amazing idea.  One, and this is not a deal breaker, but moving my mouse over to other screens, there’s a slight one second delay before the mouse is responsive again.  Very minor.  Second, I can’t drag a file and drop it onto the other desktop.  My file stops at the edge of the screen and the mouse continues to go across.  And third, I can’t have an opened file, such as a Word Doc or Photo, and drag that over to the other screen/ computer as well, somewhat removing this streamlined approach.  Again, I can copy and paste all of this, but can’t drag files over.

So in the end here, the Master 2S is still one beast of a mouse.  If you currently don’t own the previous generation and are in need of a productivity mouse in general, for sure get this.  It’s a large comfortable fit, tons of options and features.  I loved the custom setup for each program and it works seamlessly.  The proposed battery life increase never hurts and Logitech Flow is a great concept and I can still see it being beneficial for many. I do wish it was more intuitive, but as stated earlier, it is easier/faster than sending it to your own email or cloud storage and then re-downloading.  That’s assuming you don’t have a thumb drive. Overall, I still highly recommend the Master 2S if you don’t currently own the original Master.  For those who have the previous generation, let me know in the comments section below – is it worth the upgrade for you?  I’d be really curious to know what you guys think.  Hopefully this review helped you made a purchase decision.  You guys take care, and I will see you on the next one.