Logitech MX Sound Speakers! – REVIEW

A set of Bluetooth desktop speakers that look like giant earbuds?! Sign me up.

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Hey everyone, Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom.  The MX line up has always, at least for me, been the premium, fully featured devices that comes from Logitech.  They have their MX Master 2, they have a new MX keyboard being released, and today, I’m testing their MX Sound.  A 2.0 premium desktop speaker set, with a focus on design and audio performance.  As always being transparent, Logitech did send these to me for review, but I’ll, of course, put them through the paces and see if they’re good.  They retail for $99 at the time of this review.  As always, I’ll place my affiliate links up above – click on those links and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real-time.  You never know when these things might go on sale.

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Going over the physical features, Logitech said they are focused on looks, so the MX Sound was designed to compliment the other MX products.  In my case, I have my Master 2s.  You can be the judge yourself, let me know how they look in the comments section below.  For those who are wondering, the two smaller round circles are not only for aesthetics, but they’re bass ports aimed out at the rear – more on my sound test later.  The front has a nice premium fabric, a bit different from the usual black fabric grills.  The right speaker has a motion sensor that detects when your hand is nearby.  When close enough, the MX Sound illuminates allowing you to pair and adjust volume up or down.  We normally don’t see this on desktop speakers, but having buttons to skip, pause and play would have been great.  Maybe some LED’s to indicate how loud or low the speaker is would have been helpful too.  And having actual hand gestures like a flick of the wrist to skip songs would have been really cool.  For what we have and what is provided though, the features available works well and they are super responsive.

Rotating to the rear, the right speaker has two 3.5mm audio inputs while there’s an audio output for headphone listening.  The MX Sound also incorporates Bluetooth 4.1.  You can connect up to two devices at the same time, and I eventually stumbled across this, the switching of devices is seamless.  As long as both phones are paired at the same time.  Just pause the first phone, press play on the other and the audio source switches.  No need to go into your Bluetooth settings. Testing the Bluetooth range, I confirmed up to 80 linear feet, the signal was still working fine.

And there you have it, folks.  For $99, the MX Sound has amazing detail, soundstage, and audio quality all around. The reason why I included my Audio Engine HD3 desktop speakers in the audio test, is because the MX Sound provides a similar experience, but for much cheaper.  The Audio Engine’s are $400 retail and have been main computer speakers for a while.  Logitech provided very good bass levels for 2.0 system.  You’re not going to feel the bass per se because there’s a lack of a subwoofer, like any other 2.0 setup, but there’s enough here to make personal listening very much enjoyable.  Pop and EDM absolutely fine, hip-hop and bass-heavy songs do decent, but needs a bit deeper resonating bass to have those genre’s stand out.

Similar to my HD3’s, what really shines across all genres is the mid-range.  It’s bright, clean, articulate, detailed, and offers tons of audio separation.  The vocals and instruments are forward, the spatial separation from left to right are very much distinguishable, audio can be heard in the forefront of the singers, while there are instruments being played behind them.  It performs as good as again, my HD3’s that I love.  The high notes don’t get tingy and raspy, the highs do miss on that sparkle up top for rock music a bit.  Snare drums and cymbal crashes could have been a bit sharper to make them shine at the high frequencies.

Overall, I’m very impressed by the audio quality at just the $100 price range.  I do wish there were other lifestyle or convenience features like hand gestures to control music, specifically pause and play, NFC would have been nice, but overall, if you’re in the $100 price range, fine with a 2.0 desktop setup, and can forgo those extra features you might find on more expensive speakers, the MX Sound is seriously worth a look at.

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