Logitech MX Anywhere 2S – REVIEW

Productive, portable, with the super-useful Logitech Options software – a mouse for the computer fiend on-the-go.

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Hey everyone, Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom.

Logitech recently announced the newest MX mouse line up, the MX Master 2s which I just reviewed, and this one here, the Anywhere 2s.  Both flagship mice in their own category, one for productivity, the other for portability, both packed with tons of features which I’ll go over.  Retail wise, this travel mouse goes for $79 at the time of this video.  As always, I’ll leave my affiliate links above, click on my links and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real-time – you never know when these things might go on sale.

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Going over the physical features, I have my M-705 Marathon mouse for comparison on the left while my super tiny Verbatim mouse sits to the right.  The Verbatim is definitely not ergonomic at all.  The M705 fills my palm the best, and with the flagship, it’s definitely an in between.  For portability, it has the low profile and it has just enough width for my medium sized hands.  But keep in mind, because it’s great for portability and again, it’s not thick, it won’t provide you with a palm filling experience.

The only gripe I would say I have with this mouse, versus other mice I’ve tested before, I wished the plastic rubberized grip was… grippier.  Giving a bit more of a stickier rubberized texture would have helped quite substantially from previous experience.  Lastly, the mouse is very much uniformed, those who are left-handed can use this mouse, and in the Logitech Options software, you can reverse the buttons if you’re like, which I’ll discuss later.

You have a hyper scroll wheel that allows you to go through documents ridiculously fast, perfect for those working with large excel sheets, Premiere when going through your timeline, and web pages that are super long, the hyper scroll wheel is very convenient.  Now, you can tap the same button on the Anywhere mouse and have it go to a click-click, somewhat traditional ratchet-style scroll instead.  The last feature – you can go side-to-side on your documents such as Excel or Photoshop, Lightroom, et cetera.  The mouse does make it convenient when you have it right there at your fingertips.  The tiny square button allows for all of your opened windows to be viewed at a glance for quick selecting, another press brings it back to normal view.  On the side are your traditional back and forward buttons, perfect for web surfing, and the position is very good, better than the MX Master 2s that I recently reviewed.

Now, with all of these buttons, they seem pretty straightforward, but one of the biggest reasons why you would choose this mouse over a standard mouse, is the software.  You can change any of these buttons to have them do many other various functions.  Not only are all of them customizable, but they can be customized specifically for any application.  One example, if you’re web surfing on Google Chrome, you can use the back and forward buttons on the mouse like normal.  As soon as I jump into Photoshop as an example, I can use those two same buttons and copy and paste.  This happens seamlessly and the mouse is intelligent enough to change it’s settings in between programs.  Another feature, those heavy into work productivity, those who uses multiple computers at the same time.  I can use the mouse across three different computers – you don’t need your computer systems to physically be connected with each other.  You can also Copy and Paste your documents, photos, and files across any of the three computers as well.

The only issue I found, I can’t physically drag a file over which is unfortunate. Dragging a file will stop at the edge of the screen and my mouse would continue on.  Again, only Copy & Paste works.  There’s also this one second delay going from one computer to the next, not a big deal, but something I had noticed, I wanted to let you know so you’re aware.  Copying and Pasting is done over your home or office network, so speeds are not limited to Bluetooth which is a plus.  Transferring a 250 megabyte file from one computer over to another had taken about a minute and half to do.  Small files and photos are practically instant.

Moving to other new or upgraded features and why you would consider of buying this, is the Darkfield Mouse Tracking.  The original mouse had an up to 1600 DPI reading while the MX Anywhere 2s has an up to 4000 DPI reading, making this a very sensitive and highly reactive mouse to small movements.  In your field of work, you might need that.   The Anywhere 2S is still capable of reading on practically all surfaces you throw at it.  Tested this on various surfaces and didn’t have any issues, nor did it have any issues on clear transparent glass as well.

Now rotating to the front, a micro-usb port is offered to charge the mouse.  Last but not least, wireless range, I was able to get about 35 linear feet with direct line of sight, and no connections issues which is quite impressive.

So, that’s it for this review.  The MX Anywhere 2S – it’s very responsive, very much compact, but in the end, why would you spend $70 on this versus buying a $20 to $30 mouse? It’s because you’re very much using this for some line of work and absolutely need these functions.  That’s the biggest selling point – it’s the software.  As for the MX Master 2S, I can see someone buying that for ergonomics and simply how it feels, but the Anywhere 2S, for the price, I would say this is a very niche mouse and it is perfect for productivity warriors.  Let me know in the comment section below, for your budget, for your taste, is this something you would purchase yourself?  Also, what line of work do you do? As always, I hope this review helped you in some way. You guys take care, and I’ll catch you, on the next one.