LG G6 5.7 Inch Smartphone – Prices are Dropping On These – REVIEW

The LG G6 5.7 Inch Smartphone is priced as a cheaper Samsung alternative, and it shows LG is headed in the right direction.

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Hey everyone, Jimmy with Jim’s Review Room.  LG smartphones have always been under the radar, it’s been an understated options next to big giants like Samsung and Apple. Today, we’re looking at the new LG G6 I received as a loaner from the lovely folks at AT&T.  They did not sponsor this video.  Definitely check them out at AT&T.com or your local retail stores for smartphones and accessories.  The G6 retails between $650 to $700 depending on which carrier you get.  Comparing to the competition, you’re looking at about a $100 savings all around.  As always, I’ll place my Amazon Affiliate links in the video description below.  Click on my links and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real-time.  You never know when these things might go on sale.

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It’s not rounded, it doesn’t have the curve display, nothing that pops right out at you.  But take your time, give it a second chance, and you’ll see the G6 having one of the thinnest bezels on a mainstream phone today.   The screen stretches 5.7 inches, bigger than an iPhone, bigger than my Pixel XL, bigger than the Motorola Droid Force Z,  yet at the same time, the footprint is smaller than most phones out there.  One phone that comes to mind that is bigger in screen size and has a smaller or similar footprint is the Samsung S8.  The screen – it’s not an OLED display, so we’re not getting super vibrant colors, specifically in the reds and blues, but if the phone is not lined up right next to the Samsung, the LG screen is still a pleasure to look at, and doesn’t offer any discrepancies or issues that would deter anyone from buying.

The G6 comes with an IP68 rating, meaning you can submerge this phone in freshwater – not salt water – up to 1 meter, for up to 30 minutes.  I did a quick test and left my phone in my bucket, after pulling it out, the LG is surely still functioning.

For everyday use and simply testing how it feels in the hand, it’s not thin per se, but it feels like a nice premium slate of metal and glass.  Not only does it feel solid in the palm, it fits perfectly – not being too small or too big.

Buttons are pretty straight forward, shown above, with volume on the left, an SD-Card holder on the right.  What you won’t find is the power button on the side; rather, it’s located on the rear.  LG makes a return with the fingerprint scanner perfectly located right below the camera.  Every time you pick up the phone, land your finger right in the center and the phone unlocks for you- fast and reliable every time from my testing.  But getting back to ports, on the bottom is the USB Type-C connection which offers fast charging.  From a dead battery to full, I was able to charge it back to 100 percent in an 1 hour and 28 minutes.  In regards to battery stamina, I’m averaging 5 hours and 30 minutes.

In the Samsung S8 review, many asked me to comment on the audio output since our site focuses on so many audio products.  Testing the G6 against my S8+ and Pixel XL for a quick comparison, the audio did sound the best on my G6, versus the S8+ and the Pixel XL.  It is minute in quality and if you don’t have two phones side by side, the average consumer won’t even be able to tell.  The biggest difference though, the volume levels were quite off for me.  When I play the LG G6 at 50 to 60% volume, the Samsung S8+ had to be played around 75% to have the same loudness.  If you’re a music lover, the LG was the best option.

Moving on, the camera is surely one of the highlights of the phone.  The camera is quick to load and the layout is one of the best.  Besides a robust auto-mode featuring an up to 13-megapixel camera, High Dynamic Range, and 4K video recording, there’s also manual mode, allowing you to select shutter speeds, ISO levels, manual focus with focus peaking and such.  If you’re the type of person that takes a lot of photos for Instagram, any camera with manual mode helps big-time in getting the correctly exposed shots.  One of my favorite features, the camera has a standard lens; however, the LG also has a second wide-angle lens and it offers shots like the comparison down below – letting you take in so much more in each photo.  The Wide-Angle is missing Optical Image Stabilization, however, with a reasonable steady hand, shots are still great.

Now, let’s take a look at a photo sample.  Keep in mind, all of these photos are unedited and direct from the camera.  I also brought along my Samsung S8+ so we have something to compare to as well.  The first thing I noticed is the LG takes much more vibrant and sharper pictures overall.  Kind of shocked considering Samsung was known to produce much more saturated and sharper images than most other phones on the market.  With the LG time and time again, the colors were richer, but I do admit, at times, they were a bit too saturated to the point of looking unnatural – or colors simply were too dark, it’s surely not perfect.  Getting back to my Samsung phone, I really love the phone, but shocked to see the stark difference during my time testing, LG provided simply more vibrant photos, dealt with the outdoor sunny and cloudy shots much better.

Getting into daily use and discussing about the internals, the G6 is really a simple phone.  You don’t have an iris scanner, there’s no curved edge displays, nothing super far advanced.  I’m not saying it’s a boring or an under performing phone, but, there are some subtle features that makes the phone really worth a consideration. The screen itself has an 18 by 9 aspect ratio, something a bit different from the traditional 16 x 9. LG calls it Full Vision. Most content on today’s Netflix and other recorded formats, they’re still on the traditional 16×9, so we’re not able to take full advantage of the screen.  You may see the black letter boxes on the top and bottom.  On the flip side, despite the matter with some video, for daily app use, web surfing, messaging you name it, the entire screen is fully utilized. With gaming, there are instances where you can pull up app scaling that you can force the G6 to display a full screen and remove any unsightly black bars in general.

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Gaming performance on an everyday basis performed perfectly fine for my needs and never did I notice a hiccup or slow down on the G6’s performance.  One caveat that I did notice, oddly the G6 comes with an older processor, the SnapDragon 821, versus the newest as of this video, which is the SnapDragon 835. As stated, the phone doesn’t show any signs of slowdown and the experience has been fast or at least fast enough for every average consumer out there.  The only let down is future-proofing the phone as with the 821, it doesn’t have Quick Charging 4.0, and of course it doesn’t take advantage of any battery management efficiency that is found on the newest processor.  I would say, if you’re paying full price for this phone, take that into consideration.

Overall, having the phone for several weeks, I very much enjoyed the G6 as an alternative to my Samsung S8+.  Indeed, I’m missing the luster of the curved edged display on the Samsung, missing that super fast auto-focusing camera, or even having peace of mind on the latest and greatest processor.  But in the end, the G6 I felt was very practical, it still performed great nonetheless, and I would say, if you can get this less than the retail price, or at least around the $650 range for the 32 gigabyte model, then add in an SD card, this phone comes recommended as a cheaper option than other flagships.  If you guys can, please write in the comments section below what you think of this phone for the price.  I personally think LG is headed in the right direction.  So guys, if you can, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, whichever social media platform you guys are on.  As always, keep Jim’s Review Room in mind, as my reviews are here to help you make that purchase decision.  You guys take care, I’ll see you, on the next one.

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