Jaybird X3 – REVIEW

Comparing price with performance, the Jaybird X3 earphones are a darn good recommendation for personal gym music.

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Hey everyone, Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom.

The wait was possibly worth it, considering many have been anxious and anticipating when the new X3’s were coming.  One of the biggest changes right off the bat, the price.  The X3’s now retails for $129 versus the $179 price point they’ve had in the past, undercutting the PowerBeats 3 by a pretty good margin.  I’ll place my links above, clink on my links, and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real-time, and I’ll also place a link for the X2’s as I’m sure those have dropped in price pretty significantly.

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Going over what comes in the package, Jaybird once again offers an assortment of fit options.  Silicone and expanding foam ear tips makes a return, but with this model, instead of the Sport Foam tips that were offered on the X2’s, we now have the Isolation model from Comply, helping to further block out outside noises.  The earwings have been redesigned, featuring more of an angle to help stay in the crevices of your ears.  In previous reviews, as I’ve mentioned before, they pop out a bit, especially while running.  The new ear fins do help.  And the third change, they’ve incorporated the same audio output, the canal. Some call it the “nozzle”, others call it the “Tube”.  It’s the same design as the Jaybird Freedom’s, having the earphones go into my ears easier.  With the previous models, you can see the difference, and just how big it was on the X2.’s.

With the X3’s, with those three changes – the ear tip, the ear wing, and the tube – I’m finally happy to say, these overall provides a more secure and comfortable fit over all of the previous models X models.  If you have smaller ear canals, you will have better luck.  The other option which is how I’ve been wearing my X2’s is the over-ear method.  You basically use the supplied clips to create some tension, and they stay on better with this alternative method.

One of the features that Jaybird is promoting, it’s a first for their X Series, it’s a smaller profile. In-turn, it does stick out less, and for the average consumer, I do notice the weight isn’t pulling the earbuds out of my ears as much as the previous generation.  Again, this helps a lot with having the earbuds remain more stable while wearing.

Overall, the build feels more premium.  The accent of metal and chrome on the ends adds a nice touch and the plastic has a nice coating to give it some texture.  They’re still water-resistant and Jaybird offers that lifetime sweat-proof warranty that we’ve seen.  Testing these by pouring water on them, they’re still working perfectly fine.  Now, On the end of each earbud is the battery, and essentially, the antenna has moved down to the in-line controller.

The previous models used a Micro-USB cord to charge the earphones, the X3 does unfortunately require a special attachment – a little bummed on that considering if I travel, or just didn’t bring the attachment with me, I simply can’t charge it.  Most other sport earphones are still using the Micro-USB port which is highly convenient everywhere I go.  On the flip side, Jaybird is claiming up to 8 hours of use which is still the industry’s upper end of battery performance.  Testing these, I was able to get 8 hours and 23 minutes of use at about 50% volume.

Jaybird also discloses there’s a new microphone that seriously helps with blocking out background noises, here’s a quick test.

So overall, to clean up the details, as usual, the wireless signal is great.  Having the phone on one side of the house and walking to the other side was no issue whatsoever.  When I used these outdoors, because they are in-ear earphones, there is passive noise isolation that works great.  And lastly, there is minimal to no sound leaking with the Jaybird X3’s.

As you’ve seen in this review so far, this total redesign has improved on itself a lot.  When I reviewed the X1 to the X2’s, it really just sounded louder – it wasn’t a big jump.  They still sounded great, and they were still one of my best sounding sport earphones on the market.  But how about coming from the X2’s to the current generation, the X3’s?  The new audio signature has been tuned for the better.  It still has the same loudness, but bass sounds go deeper while the mids are still clear and present, versus the Jaybird X2’s.  Over time, wearing these and taking them off immediately to switch between the old and the new, I can tell the X3’s offer a more detailed and more rich sound.  From sub-bass to the mids to the high-frequencies, there’s no listening fatigue, no tinging, no overexposed characteristics.

The mid’s where vocals and most instruments reside are still forward and slightly bright, which I personally like.  The soundstage has been improved by offering a wider presence.  To sum up the experience, the details in bass have been increased and a wider sound stage is offered compared to the X2’s. Comparing to the competition, the X3’s give that nice bass boosted signature while providing a nice forward vocal performance that other earphones don’t offer.  And if you don’t like the factory audio signature, Jaybird introduced the MySound app when they released the Freedom’s.  Using the app, these earphones tune very well.  To get the audio the way you like it, there’s a good amount of presets, but manually doing it yourself is very easy.

So in the end here, I’m not fond of the proprietary connection since I use earphones everywhere, not just going to the gym and back, so I can’t just leave the dongle in my book bag.  But I can understand for Jaybird to have this design, it was a must.  The carrying case I wasn’t fond of as well as it’s quite cumbersome, but considering everything that is new on these earphones, from the fit to the sound signature, and more importantly, this crazy entry price point for it’s performance, this is for going to be one of my highly recommended sport earphones for awhile.  So I hope this review helped you in some way, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You guys take care, and I’ll see you, on the next one.

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