Jabra Step Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – Review

A simpler, budget-friendly pair of Bluetooth earbuds expands Jabra’s options for the consumer.

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Hey everyone, this is Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom. So last week, I was able to get my hands on the Jabra Sport +, which were more expensive, bigger, and the only assumption I had was it sounded better than these Jabra Steps.  I was completely wrong and they are indeed now one of the worst earbuds that I’ve heard to date.  And its odd, considering Jabra had made the Jabra Rox and they sounded great. So today, I have the lowest priced wireless Bluetooth Sport earbuds from Jabra, the Jabra Step’s, priced at $69 retail as of this review, and we’ll see how these sound and fit.

Going over the physical aspects first, these are built with very much simplicity in mind  The first thing you’ll notice are the ear hooks are really a gel tube with a cutout to run the wires, not a solid piece of silicone, gel, or plastic.  They are detachable, but I wouldn’t personally recommend this as the wires are situated up top, and does pull the earpiece down.  The ear hooks surprisingly does work despite it being so light, flexible and loose you can say.  But more on my fitment and comfort test later.  As for the earbuds themselves, there’s no physical buttons on these, and again, these are as well super light weight in feeling.  And these are indeed sport earbuds, being dust and water resistant as claimed by Jabra.  On the right earbud however is a micro USB port for charging the Step with a supplied micro-USB cable.  The controls are actually located closer to the right earbud with volume controls up and down and an action button in the middle for turning on and off, pairing and answering phone calls.

In the packaging, there’s a total of 3 silicone ear tips, small, medium and large which works well for a $70 Bluetooth headset.  Much better than the Jabra Sport +, and almost as good as the $200 PowerBeats 2.  They’re not the type that goes into your ear canal, creating that suction and holding that WAY,  like the Jabra Rox or Jaybird Bluebud X.  But it sits on the outside of the ear canal, and it does a good job staying in place, not lifting off the outside of the ear canal and then losing sound isolation.  Because of the ear tip design, it contours to the opening and these actually do block outside noises pretty well and helps create a bit more immersion in the music you’re listening to.

So overall, wearing these have been quite a pleasure.  I was a bit skeptical because they were so flexible, but I personally haven’t had any issues with the earbuds themselves.  Jogging and of course weightlifting, these things stayed in place for sure.   They are indeed so light that I do forget that I’m wearing these at times.  And having these on for several hours, I experienced barely any to no wearing fatigue at all.  The only issue I can point out is the inline controller does pull the wire to the right shoulder and ear, sometimes causing a pulling action when you turn your head.  Its not a huge nuisance, but sometimes I do notice this issue and have to readjust from time to time. Not a deal breaker in my opinion, but something to point out.

And now moving onto everyone’s favorite part, the sound quality.  Let me just say, these are veryvery good for wireless Bluetooth earbuds priced at just $70.

Starting with the bass, its clean in my opinion.  With just enough bass to satisfy.  There’s just the right amount of thump, and deep bass to make most genre’s enjoyable.  The Jabra Rox that I reviewed were more bass heavy, almost having characteristics of Beats by Dre products.  Great audio and bass if you’re a bass-head and deep into hip-hop, rap, Drum and Bass, etc.  But the Jabra Step gives a balanced approach without droning much of other audio fields per se.  Again, very impressed coming from again, a $70 set.

Regarding the mid levels in audio, where most vocals reside, listening to a variety of genres from Pop, Hip-Hop, to rap and to more synthesized music of Electronic Dance music, overall all genres are perfectly fine for the average consumer.  If you’re not an audiophile, it’ll sound great to you.  And my channel does focus more on the average consumer, but for those with a more particular ear, these don’t sound as Open as some of the more expensive choices out there, specifically the Jaybirds Bluebuds X.  You do loose a bit of clarity and that fine minute detail in audio and the singer’s voices.  But as stated, these are very good earbuds for the average consumer.  You will not be disappointed in the audio.

The highs are good.  There’s no tinging or that high pitched ring found on high notes from cheaper earbuds and headsets.  Again, wearing these for several hours straight, taking the ear buds off, my ear drums are not numb or ringing where I need to rub my ear canal.

Testing phones calls have been great.  They performed as well as most other headsets with audio quality on my end clear and the other end stating the same.

And watching movies: these still performed good.  The PowerBeats 2 had trouble syncing with movies on Apple products and others have noted that as well.  but the Jabra Step does work with no problems.  Movies does good, but again, not perfect as it does lack that open and spacial field.  It sounds more like mono sound rather than real separate Left and Right channels.  But again, thats me being picky and having tested other headsets on the market.

Regarding range, in a straight line without any walls, I was able to achieve approximately

In regards to battery life, charging had taken just a little over 2 hrs to fully charge from a dead battery and during my initial test draining the battery, I achieved 5 hours and 28 minutes – kind of shocked considering its more than what Jabra is suggesting,  I retested this again with 50% volume to have an even base to gauge, I was able to achieve 5 hours and 47 minutes on my second battery drain test.  Overall, better than what Jabra is suggesting.

There are no other extra features like some other earbuds except these are dust and water resistant.  There’s no case that comes with these which I thought was a bit lacking, but I guess you can say it justifies the price.  Overall, if you’re looking for a simple pair of earbuds, great sound for the average consumer, and budget conscious, no questions you should look into the Jabra Sport Coach earphones for yourself.

So I hope this review helped you in some way.  Be sure find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for content behind the scenes, and I’ll see you on the next one.  This is Jimmy with Jim’s Review Room, take care everyone.

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