Sony LSPX-S1 – LanternLamp Speaker – Review

For the price, I expected the Sony LSPX-S1 LanternLamp Speaker to offer a bit more with battery, controls, and sound falling a bit short. But it is definitively a lifestyle product and serious home decor statement.

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I would like to introduce to you the Sony LSPX-S1 tested and reviewed.  Direct from Sony, it’s priced at a whopping $800.  What I’m showing you today is something unique with Sony flexing its design philosophies – something that is definitely not for the average consumer. Some can say it’s a piece of art, some will say it’s a contemporary lamp.  Either or, this very much encompasses design with function.  Sony sent over their Life Space UX product for me to showcase and although this looks like a contemporary lamp, it’s also a Bluetooth speaker.  As always, I’ll leave my affiliate links above.  Click on my links and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real-time.  You never know, you save a little bit by checking.

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Jumping right into this, the Glass Sound Speaker is modern, it’s contemporary, it’s something you might see Elon Musk owning himself.  At the very top, you have a very soft and subtle passive bass radiator.  Aesthetically it blends into the product, but when music is going, you can see it pulsating to the sound as audio is being pushed up from the speaker down below – very similar to the JBL speakers.  The entire glass enclosure is meant to create this contemporary lamp look and I’ll admit, it’s gorgeous in person.  One word of caution though – be careful not to drop it.  There’s an all aluminum enclosure giving this a premium look and feel, with a nice accent of soft and supple leather.  If you look closely about a quarter of the way up, you’ll notice the cone shape in the middle.  Look under here and you can see the 2-inch woofer that fires down over the cone, giving a full 360 degree of audio output to the room.

My only gripe with this speaker were the physical volume adjustments and the LED brightness controls are located under the speaker itself, making it a nuisance to change.  You can adjust the functions through the Sony SongPal App from your phone as an alternative, but for a time you don’t have your phone near you…  you gotta flip this glass speaker to it’s side.

The LED’s are indeed unique in their own way.  Sony casts a finely tuned soft light, resembling a glow from a candle or a lantern.  In this shot, me and Adam found this dark stairway thinking it was best way to show off Sony’s glowing light.  In the end, I thought it was cheesy, but I said let’s not waste any footage, so here you guys have it.

But all seriousness, you can see it’s not meant to light up a room, but if anything, meant to accent an area.  And I’ll admit, it looks soothing, smooth, calm, elegant in a sense too.

Going behind the speaker, there’s your power input, 3.5mm port for physical connections, and the power and pairing button to the far right.  There is a built in battery lasting only up to 4 hours.

Other features to get them out the way are NFC, or Near Field Communication, LDAC audio encoding to support higher resolution audio files, and you’re able to “Double Up” and have two of these glass Bluetooth speaker lamps play at the same time. Wireless range was tested with my daily phone at the moment.  The Samsung S8+, I was able to achieve 58 linear feet with one wall in between.

So, to the moment you’ve been waiting for, how does an beautiful $800 Sony lamp sound?  Sony’s Life Space UX does emphasize a resounding mid-range. With my test, the audio characteristic is either very balanced to, at times, pretty tame.  The best genre’s for this speaker are classical, jazz, and other such genre’s strong in instrumental and vocal work.  The mid-range is clean, there’s no question about that offering a very easy-to-listen, very smooth experience, but it is missing detail and resolution.  Bass is quite flat or neutral, most likely due to its small size.  And then there’s quite a bit of roll-off that prevents the speaker from making sharp piano notes to cymbal crashes stand out.  This speaker is not meant to personally jam out to – not necessarily for entertainment or filling up a room with audio.  The speaker does lack a bit of color in it’s audio signature to make it stand out.

The price tag does elude me to expect something spectacular, but I did find it falling short. The practical side of me says for $800, there are many other, better options out there, even speakers at $100 to $150.  The artistic, modern and contemporary design side of me, the aesthetics, I love this thing and can appreciate it in that respect.

Guys, down below, let me know in the comments section what do you think of this?  I can see this in an architect’s home, an engineer, a designer, but for an audiophile or someone simply looking for good audio, there are better options out there, cheaper as well.

So, that’s it for this review.  Again, I’m Jimmy with Jim’s Review Room and I’m here to help you make that purchase decision.  You guys take care, and I’ll see you on the next one.