Sonos Play 1 – Wireless Home Speaker – REVIEW

Fighting far above its weight, the Sonos One blasts louder than my JBL Xtreme, with punchy bass, a great app equalizer, and an impressively small footprint.

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Hey everyone, Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom.  I’ve reviewed tons of Bluetooth speakers on my site, and one downfall, you can’t connect multiple speakers and have them play from the same source.  JBL, UE, and maybe a few select others, you can pair up to 2 speakers at the same time, but with Sonos, you can connect up to 32.  You can also group them and have one song play on a set, while downstairs, have a totally different playlist going.  Sonos does have a home theater system and other modules to enhance your wireless connectivity, but we’re just focusing on music listening for the time being.  There’s three different models dedicated to providing audio through your home, for you to mix and match.  Prices are on your screen for convenience,  but as always, I’ll place my links up above, click on my links and they’ll give you the most updated prices for today.

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This is considered the smaller out of the lineup, but it’s still a decent size with being slightly over 6 inches tall and a width a little over 4 and a half inches wide.  There’s surprisingly still a good bit of weight coming in at four pounds.  With the weight, it feels beefy, it is not easy to rock or tip over, and that aluminum grill helps by making this product feel really premium.

On the very top, there’s simply your pause and play, volume up and down, and directly in the middle is an LED status light.  Rotating to the back, this is a wireless system, but a Ethernet cable is provided if you want to physically connect the Sonos speaker directly to your router.  A 1/4inch thread is available if you want to wall mount this and that’s basically it.  Very straightforward.  The speaker unfortunately does not put out full 360 sound despite the speaker being wrapped in aluminum.  Sound is directional and is only pushed out the very front.  But more on my sound test later.  There’s no water resistance, however, the Play 1 has been designed to withstand high humidity, so taking hot showers with the speaker in the bathroom was no issue.  Physically, the only flaw that I’ve seen is that it gets slightly warm on the rear of the unit over time, but nothing seems detrimental though.   and this seems more practical…  there’s only pause and play, but no skipping or going back on songs on the speaker itself.  That would have been very helpful when you don’t have your phone nearby.  But overall, a very well built quality product that I have confidence for long-lasting durability.

As stated early, this speakeer is wireless and it uses the Wi-Fi at home to have audio play.  You have to have a wireless connection and use the Sonos app found in both the App store and Google’s PlayStore.  Of course connection quality will also largely depend on your router, but for testing, I did have the router on one side of the house and the Play 1 upstairs on the opposite side.  Most of my Bluetooth devices work with this test, and so did the Sonos.  Because it’s on wi-fi, more than likely, again, depending on your router, this can go a bit further than what Bluetooth can offer.

But regarding that app before jumping into audio performance, it’s really straight forward once again.  Because it is on Wifi, you can utilize the services you see on your screen.  You just need to sign into your account while in the Sonos app to have both apps sync with each other.  Once synced, the Play 1 will obtain music over wifi, instead of getting music directly off your phone.  You  can leave your house or turn off your phone completely, and music will continue to stream from your router direct to your speaker.  You can answer phone calls on your phone with music uninterrupted, but sadly, you can’t have your speakers, or multiple speakers in each room function as a speaker phone… now that would be really cool.  But back to the app, besides the online streaming services, you can play music that’s stored on your phone as an option as well.  And as a side note, and why some would like to consider Sonos.  Down the road if you were to buy more speakers, you can mix and match the Play1 with the Play5 if you’d like, you’re not stuck with having to purchase the same Play 1 model once again.

The Play 1 surprisingly gets really loud.  This can easily fill up small to medium sized rooms.  Even large open rooms can still be very much enjoyed too for entertaining, but rest assured, 2 of these would be great.  I haven’t used the mid-size Play3 or larger Play 5, but the smallest speaker already is as loud as my JBL Xtreme.  Starting with Bass, this does provide a very decent amount that will sound much deeper than most Bluetooth speakers on the market currently.  It’s somewhat deep, but more punchy from my experience.  The average consumer will very much enjoy the sound signature as the speaker still provides clear and clean bass and vocals, but for those who are more analytical, you’ll hear some bass that spills to the mid-range for some genre’s having the vocals or mid-range frequencies not be as in the fore-front as some may like.

Regarding the high-frequencies, there is roll-off on the very top end, so claps, or symbol crashes won’t hit as sharp, and that’s something I’m sure the average consumer will hear as well.  No spacial sound and no left and right audio channels just like Bluetooth speakers…  but that can be fixed by purchasing a second Play 1, and pairing them.  And they do offer a nice discount if you bundle.  Again, my pricing links are up at the top.  Despite not having audio perfection, there is a equalizer in the Sonos app, and increasing treble does help.  Regardless, the Play 1 is  still one of the best single speaker performances that a consumer can buy right now.  For $199, this thing performs on the level of large $300 Bluetooth speakers.  And besides performance, the second biggest reason for purchase, is the expansion of future speakers to play along with your current system.

So that’s it for this review.  Be sure to Like and Subscribe.  Add me onto your social media at either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Let me know what you guys think of Sonos in the comments section below.  Again, I’m Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom.  You guys take care, and I’ll see you on the next one.