SkullCandy Method Wireless Sport Earphones – REVIEW

Thin, lightweight, with great sound quality for the price – these will be overlooked. But they shouldn’t be.

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Hey everyone, Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom.

A few days ago, I reviewed the Skull Candy Ink’d, you might have seen that on the website, very similar in design, slightly cheaper in price, and it was super basic.  Today, we’re looking at the Method Wireless, geared towards those more sport oriented, or those simply wanting water resistance for peace of mind.  I personally bought at the retail price of $59 dollars, making these one of the cheapest pair of Brand Name, big-box retailer sport earphones I’ve reviewed on the site.  What I’ll do is place my links up above, click on my links and they’ll give you the most updated prices as of today.

Firstly, comparing with other brands, Skull Candy is really stepping up their game in regards to the physical quality and feel, although I do admit they’re not 100% there because they’re not a high-end brand, which is very much understandable, but they usually undercut the competition with retail prices, the Method Wireless brings a lot of value.  These are flexible and durable with a rubberized coating for the neck band.  Much better than an all smooth plastic feel.  The wires might feel somewhat thin for some, but it is adequate and slightly better than the Ink’d earphones.  The wires can be tucked away in the neckband itself to shorten the cables which is a nifty feature to have.  You can have them go all the way up to help protect the wires a bit more for transport.

Looking at the inline controller, very straightforward, there’s volume up and down, holding either one for three seconds will skip or go back on music, and the middle button is to turn on, pair and to answer phone calls.  Phone calls again were very similar with most other headsets with clear audio when speaking, but it does pick up background and wind noises, there’s not much noise cancelling from the microphone.  A double tap on that same button does activate Google’s Voice Command for your android devices.  Moving onto the earbuds, they are slightly rubberized giving a bit more grip, giving it a more quality feel to them, something that I mentioned was lacking on the Ink’d models.

While wearing these, they do stay in the ear for running and jogging, but one problem I usually find on the over the neck wearing styles, they tend to bounce.  With the Method’s, I’m happy to say they barely if move at all while running compared to the competition.  If you look at the side profile, they’re built to contour around your neck and somewhat bows down to hug your upper chest and clavicle bone area.  They’re super light weight, not cumbersome, and stable during your activities.  Keep in mind, these are sport earphones and Skull Candy promotes these as sweat resistant, and with my quick testing of spraying water all over these, they still function perfectly fine.  I would of course not get these wet too often, but there is some protection nonetheless.

In regards to comfort, there’s only two eartips included, somewhat limiting for people, however, I did find the small eartips worked perfectly fine for my small ear canals.  One thing I did notice though, the port designs is quite unique.  They’re oblong and again, they went in-ear fine, but I believe because of this design, it causes moree noise to leak out, and more noise from my surrounding environment to leak in.  Not by much, but comparing these back to back with other earphones, I can tell a slight difference.  Those who are active may prefer this for safety reasons while running and hearing your surroundings, while others may want something more sealed for more immersion into their audio.

Last up here, regarding battery life, Skull Candy is claiming upto 9hrs of use.  Like all my audio reviews at 50% volume to get a middle of the ground result, I was able to get 11hrs and about 30minutes of use, which is not bad at all.  Recharging is done with the supplied Micro-USB cable and recharging on average takes a little over 2hrs to do from a dead battery.

Right off the bat, these are better than the Ink’d Wireless.  These do get loud and for sure enough for most people.  The Method’s are not bass focused earphones, but does offer somewhat of a bass boosted sound signature.  It’s punchy and direct for most genres while offering some deep bass for bassy tracks.  It doesn’t hit sub-bass levels like the $200 powerbeats, and the Bass Boosted sound signature isn’t like the Jaybird X3’s, but it’s a slight boost over a balanced or flat signature in my opinion – I personally enjoyed it.

For the mid-range, it’s clear and direct, thankfully the bass doesn’t cause the mid’s to be muddy, but one area I found lacking, just like the Ink’d Wireless, left and right audio channels are very much distinguishable, but the Methods are also lacking that open sound stage that would complement it’s performance.  Regarding those high notes, there is roll off where you don’t hear the high-notes to make snares and higher frequencies sparkle or have much detail, but the trade-off, it does prevent the earphones from being high-pitched or ear ringing.  Wearing these for two hours straight, never did I have listening fatigue which is quite common on budget pair of earphones.

In the end, I would hands down get this over the Ink’d.  Also, I would say this is a worthy contender to others on the market, despite other brands being on sale for around the same price as the Method’s, the thinness on these, how lightweight they are over others, and the sound quality I would say is definitely worth a look.  If that’s you’re number one priority, I would for sure look in the the Method Wireless.

So that’s it for this review.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook, twitter, and/or Instagram.  As always, my website is here to help you make a purchase decision.  You guys take care, I’ll see you on the next one.