SkullCandy ink’d Wireless Earphones – REVIEW

SkullCandy ink’d Wireless Earphones are a budget pair. I tested and reviewed them to give these a go. I also reviewed the SkullCandy Ink Method as well. Have a read. =D

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I’ve been receiving several comments here asking me to review some things from Skull Candy.  Jumping right into this one, SkullCandy ink’d Wireless Earphones retail price of $49.99.  I did also purchase the Method Wireless sport earphones that I’ll have reviewed on the website as well.  As always, I’ll place my affiliate links up above, click on my links, and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real time.

Keep in mind, these are budget priced or wallet-friendly compared to the many other big name brands out there.  With that being said, the physical build is very simple with a thin, yet super lightweight plastic neckband.  The neckband itself at first does feel somewhat cheap, but, it’s designed to be super flexible, bend in different ways, even SkullCandy is saying, you can fold these and store them in your pocket.  After learning that, you do appreciate its minimalism.  On the other hand, the wires are thin with not much resistance from bending or texture to give them a feeling of toughness or ruggedness, I would have liked it to be a bit beefier.  There are also individual sliders on either side to shorten or lengthen the cables as well, which can be easily overlooked.  Last, the Earbuds themselves are all smooth plastic.  Before discussing the comfort, looking at the controller, simple up and down for volume, holding either or for three seconds skips and goes back on songs, and the middle button is to turn on, pair, and also answer phone calls.

With my test, phone calls are clear.  Like many earphones on the market, during a phone call, the microphone does pick up wind noises if you’re running or simply out on a windy day.  The signal for both conversations and music listening, surprisingly I was able to walk from one side of the house to the other with my Pixel XL phone stationary on the desk, most of the time, zero issues whatsoever, once in awhile, rarely, I hear a slight crackle in the signal, but overall, these performed great.

Getting into battery life, the Ink’d Wireless is charged via micro USB.  SkullCandy is claiming up to 8 hours of use and with my standard testing I do on all of my audio products, at 50% volume, the Ink’d wireless lasted a little over 11 hours which is great.

Now, let’s talk about comfort.  There are only two eartips included, so be sure to take that into consideration.  I have small ear canals myself and the small eartips worked fine.  They do provide passive noise isolation equivalent to other in-ear setups and during my time testing, the earphones do stay in the ear quite well, even if I do decide to take these on a run.  With that being said, these are over the neck, and when jogging with these, they do slightly bounce, but, as shown earlier, these the thinnest and lightest pair of the over the neck style.  If you want this wearing method, these are your best bet.  If you’re simply just walking with these and sitting around the office, these work perfectly fine.

Some features that I found missing on here, first is any kind of water resistance, Keep in mind, I will be doing a review on the Skullcandy Method’s, those will have sweat resistance and it’s just ten dollars more.  If you want to see that review, I’ll have it in the video description when it’s up, be sure to check those out.  Second, when I attempt to connect this to a device, there’s no voice prompt that tells me if the earphones are paired or not.  Third, I wished on all earphones, there was some kind of battery level indicator.  The LED only blinks when you’re close to running out.

So, with all of that being said, let’s get into the sound quality.  Keep in mind, my channel is meant for the average consumer, if you do get these, these are not bad at all for casual listening.  For the price, they offer good quality, they’re quite loud and enough for most.  Bass wise, these are somewhat bassy earphones with a very punchy note.  At times, it tries to reach sub-bass levels but it doesn’t provide that deep resonating note.  For the pickier audio listeners out there, there is a little spillover of bass into the lower-mid-range levels where vocals reside.  The rest of the Mid-range where you hear most vocals and instruments is clear and present.  The high’s thank goodness doesn’t ting or cause any kind of ringing that’s more noticeable on budget-priced earphones.  However, I noticed for specific genres like EDM with higher pitched beats with a fast tempo, the clarity and definition are somewhat lost.  Regarding soundstage, you can hear left and right audio channels very well, however, that openness is lacking for music.

So in the end here, I believe if you’re looking for some casual earbuds, want wireless and not in the budget for $100 and up, the Ink’ed wireless model I believe is reasonably priced for the performance it offers.  I’d say, if you’re looking for something simple, no bells and whistles, you personally lean towards the bassy side, these are worth a look into.  If you can step into the $70 to $100 range and up, I would for sure look at the alternatives then.

So that’s it for this review.  If this review helped, be sure to follow me on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  My channel is here to help YOU make a purchase decision.  You guys take care, I’ll see you on the next one.