Skullcandy Grind Headphones – REVIEW

A pretty fresh looking pair of budget headphones, the Skullcandy Grind Headphones are better than several other pairs in the sub-100 dollar range.

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From time to time, I like giving a budget brand a try as you never know, you might across some good performance while saving a few dollars.  SkullCandy just released their Grind Headphones and they were nice enough to provide a set to try.  They’re priced at just $59 retail as of this review and for sure within a reasonable price against competitors.  But how do they sound and how durable are they?  We’ll find out. Welcome everyone, to another review.

The concept or the idea of these Grind headphones reminds me of the Sennheiser Momentum’s I had just reviewed.  Not necessarily in looks, but in how they function.  The band uptop has faux leather thats stitched on either side, while the inner band has a nylon mesh fabric with light foam cushions.  More on the comfort test later.  Going down the band are metal arms that goes down to the earcups themselves and each ear cup is transparent.  You’ll find this on the black and the white Grind Headphones while the others offer a closed back.  But because you can see through my white ones here, you’ll see the microphone for receiving and making phone calls and on the other side is what SkullCandy calls its Tap Tech, essentially its a button to answer those phone calls, but also utilized to skip, pause and play your music.  One thing I wished was on the headphones and if not, on the 3.5mm cord provided, is an inline volume controller.  Unfortunately, theres no way to adjust volume besides pulling your phone out to adjust.

Now looking at the earcups themselves, I noticed they didn’t have much cushion but before I put them on, I want to show how adjustable these are.  They don’t tilt too much, and they don’t swivel much either, but with these metal arms, they do slide up and down a reasonable amount to adjust its height.  Its held in place by tension and its holds very well without any movement if accidentally bumped.  With all that being said, the fitment for my head works out fine, despite its minimal amounts of movement.

One of the big benefits that makes these headphones comfortable is how light they are.  According to my scale, these are one of the lightest headphones I’ve tested and the reason why these headphones don’t need to clamp your jawbone or head as much.  Its comfortable on both the jawline and at the crown of the head.

Now regarding durability, stretching the band almost flat showed no signs of issues, but twisting the headphones does cause chatter from the free moving parts in the earcups.  But nothing appeared to be compromised, but it does give off a sound of being flimsy.  How long will these last, only time will tell but with my excessive stress test, it holds up well.

So with all of that being tested, hows the sound in general, for a pair of headphones costing just $60? First off, these are loud enough for most people.  Playing these around 70% was enough to have music enjoyable.  Trying these on a variety of music, pop music did well with bright notes and clear vocals.  Those listening to whats popular today like Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars will for sure enjoy these.  As for more bass dominate artists like 2 Chains, Drake, and Nicki Minaj, bass levels hit decent, but a little harder would have been a bit more immersive.  Hardcore rap fans I feel will be somewhat disappointed in the lack of that deeper sub-bass, bass is good, but sub-bass is lacking.

I also tried listening to some classic Aerosmith and AC/DC, the headphones again, do well in mid-range, but felt lacking a bit in sound stage.  Where classic rock relies heavily on its guitars and drummers, the sound didn’t give that level of immersion as being actually there.  As for the high notes, at my normal listening levels, rarely but on certain songs with strong S’s or snare drums, it does get a little fuzzy.  But I want to emphasize – its rare.

Overall, for a pair of $60 headphones, I gotta admit, its better than some other headphones I’ve tested in the low $100 dollar range.  The Grinds actually perform very well and I’ll be honest, I was expecting a little but less in performance, either lower volume, or just more distortion.  Overall, if you’re in this price range and like the look of the Grinds, you should give these a strong consideration. So I hope this article helped you in some way.  Be sure to goto Facebook, Twitter, or Instragram and add me, Jim’s Review Room to see more content and ask any questions.  I’m Jimmy with Jim’s Review Room, you guys take care, and I’ll see you on the next one.