Bose SoundSport Earbuds – Review

Maybe not the most attractive, form-fitting pair, durability is the key with these earphones, with a solid, balanced Bose sound.

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Hey everyone, this is Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom.

Bose just released their newest fitness earbuds, meant to stay in-ear, be sweat and weather resistant, and of course provide exceptional sound. The SoundSports I just purchased are priced at $149 as of this review, kind of on the pricey side, but we’ll see how these perform both in audio and fitment to help you make a purchase decision. As always, I’ll post my affiliate links above. Be sure to click on those links to get the most updated prices in real time.

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The SoundSports are a new line Bose is carrying, coming in colors of green, orange, and blue. And the model I have is Blue, but looks more like turquoise or seafoam green to me. A lot of earbud inline controllers only work for iOS devices, but Bose was very nice enough to offer two versions, one working for Apple and the other for Samsung Galaxy devices. Overall, the build construction is very good with strong plastics being used; however, the connecting wire output being reinforced with a flexible silicone or rubber does flex a bit too much, really questioning the longevity of the device. It may last a long time, but only time will tell.

These are, of course, a wired connection and don’t feature lay-flat, tangle free cords. I feel for sport earbuds, these are a must considering I may throw them in my pocket or gym bag, and they do somewhat tangle from time to time. And as stated in the introduction these are somewhat pricey – for around the same price, give or take, you can purchase wireless Bluetooth sports earbuds from the likes of Jabra, Jaybird, Beats and several others. But again, that’s a matter of preference and I know some people don’t like to recharge their devices every so often to use.

As stated, there is an inline controller both for adjusting volume and skipping songs on your device, but this also accepts incoming phone calls with the press of the center button. Phones when tested sound fine on both ends without anything stellar and nothing really detrimental to speak of.

To play or pause a song or video, press and release the Answer/End button. To skip to the next song or chapter, press and release the Answer/End button twice quickly. For fast forwarding,  press and release the Answer/End button twice quickly and hold the second press. To go to the previous song or chapter, press and release the Answer/End button three times quickly. For rewinding, press and release the Answer/End button three times quickly and hold the third press.

And last, what you receive in the the package is a soft carrying case which works perfectly fine and stays secure with the inside felt lined. And although a small feature, but one I think any carrying case should have, is a pocket to hold any accessories. Last physical feature and going into my comfort and fitment test, the SoundSports do come with three silicone, or what feels to be almost gel like eartips. They’re the softest and most flexible I’ve felt on any earbuds I’ve tested, helping with comfort while wearing. However, they do attract unsightly dust overtime, so just a word of caution there. I usually wear small on most other earbuds, but surprisingly when trying on medium, although staying in my ear during workouts and runs, they didn’t feel as secure as I’d like… The large ear tips worked the best and gave me the most confidence. With jumping up and down, to your normal workouts, to jogging, these earbuds really stayed on and never fell out or became loose, requiring re-adjustments.

Overall, they’re very light and very soft to wear, while staying on the ear. But the keyword is on-ear. These ear tips are the type to sit on the outside of your ear, not inside the ear canal as some people prefer. These don’t sit on the opening of the ear canal either, but the protruding piece shoots sound outwards. Because of this design, sound isolation is almost non-existent. While at the park filming, I can hear lawn maintenance mowing and trimming the fields of grass. While at Starbucks in the city, I can hear business professionals and patrons in the background talking and the baristas working furiously, yelling drink orders.

But now going into the sound test. These do very well. Sound is very crisp and clean – deep enough lows in the bass range to make most genres of music appreciated, but not so deep where it interferes with the mids and highs. Mid-range has crisp vocals, distinct instruments, and the highs are high enough without being ear ringing. Listening to these for 3 hours straight never left my ears and my hearing fatigued. Overall, a very balanced sound which I personally enjoyed. And if you happen to test these, or have already bought them, if you press the eartips and earbuds closer into your ear, you can hear how well they perform. If only they were designed to sit in your ear canal, or at least on the opening, creating that seal, you would get great sound quality. These do get pretty loud and listening to these at 65 to 70% volume was loud enough to hear the audio quality, while still being comfortable. For those who do watch movies on earbuds or headphones, volume had to be about 70 to 75% to hear quiet scenes well and appreciate the sound in movies. Sound separation and sound stage like some earbuds is not separated or open as much as I would like… you can’t distinguish left and right audio channels a well as some may want, but I find this the case more often than not with earbuds.

Overall, these do well in some areas, but using different design practices might have been better suited in my opinion. They still sound good, but again, the ear-tip design – although they do stay on the ears well, they do hinder  sound isolation. I wouldn’t say these are bad, but if you’re looking into wired sport earbuds that protects against sweat and other water related issues, still give these a try. So I hope this review helped you in some way. If you like my work, be sure to follow me on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as every little bit helps in bringing you more content. This is Jimmy with Jim’s Review Room. You guys take care, and I’ll see you on the next one.