Bose Soundlink Color 2 Review

Clean, neutral audio; simple styling – a fantastic personal Bluetooth speaker all around.

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Hey everyone, Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom. Bose returns with a new Bose Soundlink Color 2. It looks very similar to the old model but there have been some slight improvements. I personally paid for this at the retail price of $130, but I’ll leave my links above, click on my links, and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real-time.

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At first glance, this looks very similar to the older model, but physically, it’s improved quite a bit. The hard plastic feeling is gone and we now have a rubberized coating, giving a premium feel and improved grip. The buttons up top have improved to give a more clicky feel, not 100% the most tactile, but it’s only me being picky. The front grill which used to flex quite a bit is now rock solid on the front, giving a bit more confidence with the Color 2.

Besides the build quality being up to par with other speakers on the market, we also get water resistance. It’s only IPX4 rated, meaning it’s splash proof. Only IPX5 can take water sprays, IPX6 can take pressurized sprays of water, and with IPX7, that’s when speakers can be submerged. Splash proof is enough for most people, but if you’re looking for something very rugged, something you want to bring onto a boat or kids playing with their speaker at a pool, JBL, UE, Fugoo are just some of the other brands out there that you can completely submerge, and some of their speakers do float if they ever drop into water.

Moving on, there’s simply a 3.5mm input on the side for physical connections and a micro-USB port for charging the speaker. Regarding battery life, Bose is claiming up to eight hours of use which isn’t too bad, but if you’re intending on playing this all day, some of the competitors offers slightly more with 10 or 12 hours of life – you can be the judge how much you need.

Bluetooth signal was good with standing on side of the house and holding my phone on the other side downstairs, music never cut out from testing.

Last, some items not included – and from my experience Bose are not normally known to be the Swiss Army knife of speakers offering a full list of features – there’s no Charge-Out port, you can’t pair two of these speakers and have two play at the same time like some of the competitors, and NFC is also missing. If you’re looking for a very simple speaker and don’t need all the bells and whistles, Bose still makes a very well made product.

But let’s get into the audio review and see if this speaker can seal the deal.

The audio performance is good for small to medium-sized rooms. The loudness is enough for personal enjoyment and maybe entertaining a few others, but don’t expect it to be so loud for throwing a party. Bass is subtle and goes for a more natural response with a non-bass boosted signature. Even with bassy songs of genres like pop and EDM, it might not be enough for some, but for genres of rock, instrumental and mostly vocal work, the Soundlink Color 2 does well for a small size. The mid-range and vocal clarity is done very well here, even at maximum volume, the audio is still clear and clean offering an easy listening experience. Even the highs at maximum volume remains intact and doesn’t distort. The one thing that I did find a little missing and it’s common on Bluetooth speakers in general is the lack of a open sound stage. Granted it’s more expensive, but the Soundlink Mini 2 does a great job with audio separation and giving the feeling that audio is spread out from the speaker. Other competitors like the JBL Flip 3, JBL Charge 3, Creative Roar models, and Sony SRS series does sound more expansive. With this particular Bose model, it sounds like a mono speaker.

Overall from my personal assessment, I enjoyed the speaker, it’s great for personal enjoyment, the audio is clean and not distorted, the styling is very simple, but for those who want something either more rugged, with more features, or someone who prefers a bit more bass, there are several other alternatives out there. So I hope this review helped you in some way. Be sure to follow me social media @JLuongOfficial. I’m Jimmy with Jim’s Review Room. You guys take care, and I’ll see on the next one.

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