Best Earphones on a BUDGET – Noise Hush NX80 Review

The Noise Hush NX80 earphones are a budget-friendly, solid pair of commuter earphones.

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Hey everyone, Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom.  Cleaning out my gear my bag I use for work, I ran across my pair of cheap in-ear earphones, that I bought two years ago.  And I know I review some moderate to expensive stuff on my channel, I’m sure you guys like nice stuff like I do,  but I love it when I run across crazy cheap stuff that absolutely works.  What I have here is the Noisehush NX80 bought on Amazon.  You can find the link in the video description below to check more recent prices, but at the time of this video, it’s 11 dollars.

The earphones themselves are hard plastic with a glossy paint coat, and as you can see what two years worth of wear looks like; there’s just slight scuff marks, but overall, no paint chipping and more importantly, nothing becoming loose.  The cable, especially on cheaper earphones tends to disconnect or break off right at the end…  At times causing the audio to crackle.  Fortunately over time, the ends don’t move at all and the wires have stayed intact.  And as you can see, the NoiseHush brand comes with lay-flat tangle free cords which works out great.  Throwing these again into my bag and squeezing this into the supplied felt carrying case, each time I pull it out, I give them a brief shake and a slight pull, they’re ready for wearing without much hassle.

Now regarding comfort, the package does come with 4 different size eartips.  Keep in mind, these are in-ear earphones, meaning the eartips goes inside the ear canal and is required to stay snugged to prevent falling out.  I personally don’t use these for working out, as they do tend to fall out or lose suction, and of course, they’re not water or sweat resistant, but I do use them throughout the week when I’m working on the website and Youtube at Starbucks, listening to music in general if I don’t bring my headphones, and I plug these right into my Playstation 4 controller for casual gaming.  From my experience, sitting stationary to just casual walking, these stayed in my ears perfectly fine, providing decent sound isolation and minimal sound leaking too at higher volumes.  I do admit, there is a bit of sound traveled through the wires if you bump the wires above the “Y” Split.  You can hear some moderate movement.  But again, if you’re sitting at the desk, library, again, PS4, no problems.

Now moving to my audio experience, this will obviously not sound like a pair of $200 earphones, but around $11 to $15, they actually do really well.  I do admit, the sound stage to be specific, it’s not as open, but comparing to many other earphones at this price range, this does much better.  These are slightly bass focused, no where close to BEATS Audio, and just slightly above Sennheiser’s bass boost characteristics.  These still do very well for pop, hiphop, and EDM today.  For casual listeners, for those just looking for a cheap pair of earphones, these will sound great to them.  For audiophiles and those with a good bit of experience, there is slight droning into the mid-range, just slight overlap of the low bass coming over.  The Mid’s are clear, vocals does well and pronounced, with highs not tinging or ear ringing.  With cheaper audio products, after even just an hour of listening, your ears are slightly tingling, with these, surprisingly, not at all.  Never once did I have listening fatigue with these.

So overall from my experience, for the price, for non Audio-Phiels…   these works great.  The reason why I have these is if I lose them, I really don’t mind.  They are my pair I carry everywhere in my bag for work and while I’m in the field filming, versus carrying my $500 Wireless Momentum’s, which cost a boatload more, but also much bigger to carry around, and I use those for more entertainment purposes and strictly at home.  Thats just me and my situation.

So I hope this review helped you in some way.  Feel free to comment below on any other earphones you think are worth checking out and as always, add me on facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  You get to see some really good behind the scenes stuff that I personally do on a daily basis.  And as always, visit my website, for news and reviews on things you might consider buying for yourself or for others.  Again, I’m Jimmy with, you guys take care, I’ll see you on the next one.