Beats by Dre PowerBeats 3 Best Sport Earphones – REVIEW

An open soundstage and impressive sub-bass give the Powerbeats a unique and exciting sound signature.

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Hey everyone, Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom. The PowerBeats 3 make a return, this time under Apple’s ownership with the same retail price of $199.  Comparing to the competition, these are on the upper end of sport earphones, but we’ll see if the PowerBeats can justify its price.  I personally paid for these but I’ll leave my links above.  Click on my links and they’ll give you updated prices in real time – you never know when they’ll go on sale.  And as a side note, I will be making a comparison with these PB3’s versus the Jaybird X3’s and Freedom’s very soon.

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The all-plastic construction feels solid and the adjustable ear hooks help keep the earphones on during running, weight lifting, CrossFit – you name it.  You can’t shake these off. The tangle-free cord makes a return and the inline volume controller is once again very clicky and responsive.  The entire unit is sweat, and water resistant, and with me pouring water all over this thing, they still work time and time again.

Last but not least, there are 4 silicone tips in general.  This is clearly subjective, but they are comfortable for my small ear canals.  Keep in mind, the PowerBeats 3 eartips rests around the opening of the ear canal and doesn’t necessarily go in-ear like the Jaybird sport earphones for a secure fit.  Some like the in-ear method as it provides more sound isolation, yet some say it’s uncomfortable.  And with the Powerbeats 3, although it is comfortable, the earphones do let in more sound from your environment, which is good if you’re jogging and you want to hear your environment for safety, or not so great if you want to block out the world.  It’s completely up to you.

Regarding battery life, Beats are claiming up to 12 hours which is very high for a pair of mainstream sport earphones.  I’ve personally tested this leaving it on overnight from a full battery, the PowerBeats 3 died in 13 hours and 33 minutes to be exact, at 50% volume, the same test I do on most of my headphone and earphone reviews.  Apple is claiming because of its W1 chip inside, you also get better range.  Wireless strength is great and performed perfectly fine when paired to both my Google Pixel XL or my iPhone 7.

One item I was not keen on, is the open-mouth soft silicone case.  The zipper is gone and with this, it does work, but I have preferred a more secure enclosure to place my ear tips in, maybe the USB cable, or in general, a case that was a bit tougher to help protect the earphones while they’re in my bag.  This is subjective and the case does work, but I felt more protection and a more secure enclosure would have gone further.

So last here, let’s talk about the audio test.  Starting with bass, the PowerBeats 3 offer that sub-bass level that many other sport earphones don’t offer.  Indeed, there are times when vocals and the mid-range might get a little muddy, but if you’re a bass-head, enjoy hip-hop, pop, and EDM, I still highly recommend these.  The mid’s are clear and present, not bright and not recessed either from my testing, but enough to be enjoyable.  The highs for certain genres can sound a bit sharp, at times I’m needing to turn the volume down a bit or suffer from listening fatigue over time.  It’s very faint, but it is something I did notice was present – using an equalizer does help to alleviate the matter.

One of the qualities that the PowerBeats 3 has is the openness of its soundstage.  Sound from the left and right audio channels have tons of audio separation, and direction of sound, from in front of you to behind you are very much distinguishable, it’s impressive for a pair of sport earphones.  Overall, the PowerBeats get loud, it’s a more in your face sound with very nice sub-bass.  I would say for non-audiophiles or the average consumer, I’m sure most will enjoy these pair of earphones.  Those who are looking for something more accurate or neutral, easier to listen to earphones, of course, there are other brands out there.  In the end, still a quality pair of earphones with a great sound signature, it just depends if you like this particular sound signature or not.

So I hope this review helped you in some way, be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.  I’m Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom.  You guys take care, and I’ll see you on the next one.

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