Apple Airpods REVIEW Look Funky, But They Perform!

I know, they look funky, the Airpods are not getting much love, BUT… they do exceptionally well and for the price, they beat the competition. Read on for the Apple Airpods Review

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As I’m sure many are aware, Apple has gone the route of removing the 3.5mm port altogether. There’s a few pair of earphones hitting the market that allows you to listen to music through the lightning port, while the only other option is going wireless. With the new Apple AirPods, that’s what you get, a truly wireless experience with no wires even in-between each earbud. I personally paid for these at the retail price of $159, making these in hindsight, quite a bit cheaper than other mainstream Truly Wireless earphones, but of course, I’ll go over the details and see if Apple offers are bargain or not. As always, I’ll leave my links above. Click on my links and they’ll give you the most updated prices on Amazon in real time.

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Going over the physical features first, these are identical to the wired versions that comes with your iPhone. The opening, the width of the sides, looking at these top down, the dimensions are the same. From my assessment, and keep in mind, I’m coming from experiences with other earphones with ear flanges, silicone tips and all sorts of earwings, the AirPods doesn’t provide much confidence when I put them on the first time, but surprisingly after ten minutes or so, you eventually find they stay in the ear quite well. Sitting, walking, and even tilting my head to the side, they stayed in. When I did attempt to run with these on, this will be more subjective, but I do notice my AirPods slightly bouncing a bit and causing the Airpods to become loose from my ears. I personally wouldn’t run with these on just in case. Again, you can give them a try for yourself.

As there’s no silicone ear tips, the AirPods doesn’t create a seal in the ear, so although they are comfortable for everyone, they don’t have any sound isolation at all. In turn, you can hear your environment very clearly. Jumping to Bragi, Jabra or even Samsung will have Truly wireless earphones that blocks out more noise if that’s something you’re needing.

But before getting into the sound test, a few more things to touch base on. The AirPods do provide Siri support. A simple double tap on either earbud brings up Siri and the microphones picks up my voice for phone calls and Siri questions and prompts very well. I do wish, and this was one of the biggest features I found lacking on the AirPods, was volume touch controls. Many, if not all of the mainstream brands of Truly wireless earphones out there, you can slide your finger left and right or up and down to skip tracks and adjust how loud or how low you want your music to be. Unfortunately, you can’t do it here, unless you Prompt Siri, have your music pause, and then tell Siri to adjust it.

On the flip side, the AirPods signal and connectivity is very intuitive and fast. If anything, it’s the best that I’ve tested so far. Apple has been promoting their W1 chip that’s inside these earbuds for sometime, in not only providing exceptional battery life management, but also signal strength and pairing quality. With my experience, you do get that. As my phone is nearby unlocked, as soon as I open the case to the AirPods, it’s detected by my iPhone instantly. As for battery life for most average consumers, the 5 hours that Apple is claiming does sound quite short. I’ll admit that, it does. But when you look at the competition, the AirPods lasts a bit longer. Second, and this was found through real world use. Most listen to their AirPods for maybe an hour, maybe two if you’re on a long commute. After you’re done, you to stow them away, you’re going to put them into the carrying case. For every 15 minutes it’s charged in the case, you get 3 hours of use. Again, in real-world use, your AirPods will most likely be charged at 100% most of the time. With my testing, I was able to get a little under 5 hours on each charge before the AirPods would die, assuming I don’t use the carrying case at all.

And last but not least, indeed, it looks just like a dental floss, but it works perfectly fine. The carrying case fits well in the pocket, its lightweight, has a magnetized lid to keep it closed, the earphones are also magnetized to keep it in the case without them falling out. Only nuiance I had was wishing the battery indicating was on the outside of the case, instead of inside.

So let’s touch base on audio performance. The AirPods sounds identical to the earpods from my experience. There’s a good subtle bass offered and a clear mid-range being experienced. The soundstage is surprisingly good with a good amount of audio separation. The high’s does lack a bit of bite or sparkle at the top end of make cymbal crashes and snares really shine, but overall, I liked how these general sound. But then it goes back to being a non-isolating pair of earphones, it does let in a good bit of noise because they don’t create a seal, so in loud environments, you do lose that depth or that immersion you would want from a pair of earphones at times.

So in conclusion, the AirPods does great in some areas while other areas might be still lacking. Guys, if you can down below, write in the comment section what you do you personally feel about these? It’s such a huge toss up. Great price, great battery, yet no sound isolation, no touch controls. You as the consumer, let me know, if you did have an iPhone, would this be something you want or would you pay a bit more and use a different brand. Thanks for reading, I’ll see you guys on the next one.

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