Hyper X Cloud Revolver S – 7.1 SURROUND! – REVIEW


Hey every, Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom.  I’m trying to step up my game in the online PC gaming community.  Trying to be as good as Dr. Disrespect, maybe Summit, so I’ve been on the hunt for a better, more competitive advantage.  I still have my Cloud Revolvers which are priced at $120, but today, we’re looking at the Revolver S.  These are priced at $150, and to justify its price, Hyper X offers an improved noise cancelling microphone, slightly improved design, and a new digital sound processor that you don’t get on the original model.  As always, I’ll place my affiliate links in the video description below.  Click on those links and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real-time…

So sit back, relax, and hopefully my videos can help you make that purchase decision.  Welcome everyone… to JimsReviewRoom.

Going over the physical features first, they’re practically identical to the original, leather band feels supple and soft uptop.  The metal wire frame is highly durable, and just like the cheaper model, it’s shockingly performs well for weight distribution considering how heavy these are.  Because of Hyper X’s design, it’s actually more comfortable than my $200 Logitech Artemis.

There’s barely any wearing fatigue at the crown of the head, and the clamping force at the jawline is subtle, yet still comfortable.  Hyper X makes a return with their signature Memory Foam earpads which felt decent, and because these are over-ear, closed back headsets, my ears do heat up from extended play.  No sweating on normal occasions, but at times, if you’re in a warm room, for sure someone with no Air conditioning, you’re going to get ear sweat.  “Ugghhh”

The wire is fixed on the side in which I was hoping for a detachable version as I mentioned in the Cloud Revolver review.  Wire chatter is quite apparent at very low volumes.  If you move quite a bit or play mostly campaign games that’s heavily involved in dialogue, the wire chatter might distract you from your experience, but during more intense online games like Overwatch or Battlefield, you’re not going to really notice.  Besides wire chatter, the headsets still gives off reverb, but to give credit, it has been improved quite a bit with these rubber mounts up top.  With the original Revolver, it gives off this metal vibration reverb when you accidently touch the headset.  With these new rubber mounts on the S model, you get less of that tinny metal result.  It is there, but honestly, I don’t think it’s a deal breaker at all.  Once you’re in the game, it was unnoticable every time.

Next up is the microphone.  It is detachable which is nice and standard like most headsets.  There’s fair amounts of adjustability, and even with accidental tugs that I’ve tested, it stays put.  General movements with the wire rubbing against your shirt will not cause wire chatter to transmit to the microphone.  On the other hand, if you’re manually moving the wires with your hands, a very faint rustling noise will be picked up.

As for my voice, you can hear it yourself, I’ll give this one a thumbs up.  I don’t sound nasally which some other headsets do, and for the most part, my voice sounds quite natural when comparing to the competition.  As mentioned earlier, Hyper X is claiming to offer an advanced noise cancelling microphone, with my testing, it surprisingly blocks out background voices very well.  I had AG in the background speaking in a natural voice and the microphone barely picked up his voice, this is ideal if you’re gaming around friends, gaming competitively, gaming when you have family members in the background that won’t respect your domain.   On the other hand, typing keys or simple crinkling of paper, the noise is reduced a good bit, but still picked up.  Overall, very good performance.

Last here is the Digital Sound Processor.  It’s built right in and thankfully offers a very slim profile.  This is possibly the biggest reason, maybe sole reason on why you would spend the extra money and buy this.  Standard game and mic volume scroll wheels are on the side, nice large mute button in the middle, on the left side are preset equalizer settings that toggles from enhanced vocals, to flat EQ, to bass boost, lit up for your convenience.  This works on PC but sadly, nothig happens when I had this connected to my Playstation 4.  Dead smack in the middle is the Dolby Surround Sound button.  Once pressed, the digital processor inside offers simulated 7.1 surround sound.  During my time gaming, switching back and forth between both, my god, is it effective.  Highly impressed, spacial awareness is distinct, you can easily identify if someone’s behind you, in front of you and who’s off in the distance.  Playing Overwatch gives off lovely audio cues when the announcing speaks, the amount of detail recognised now versus what the original model offered is night and day.  Where I found it the most impressive, is Battlefield 1.  Once DSP is on, each bullet shot is just visceral with higher pitches in its frequency.  The environment you stand in becomes more airy in experience, creating that surround sound experience immediately in-game.  Explosions are much more pronounced, yet not distorted nor muddy.  And again, the spacial sound awareness and sound gives off a huge competitive advantage.  Overall, I’m highly impressed, it’s a very immersive experience, you get quality sound characteristics as well.

To wrap this up, this of course works for PC the best, the DSP works for Playstation 4, you oddly get a slight hissing noise when you turn on the surround sound, but the sound is improved at a moderate amount, and for Xbox One, there’s no DSP connection at all.  You lose the 7.1 Dolby Surround, it’s only connected with the 3.5mm cord.

Overall, the sound aspect is simply hands down great.  I think it’s one of the best for competitive play.  On the flip side, I do wish the headsets were even lighter, and the reverberations were reduced even further, but overall, I think this headset is perfect for the average consumer to a competitive player.



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