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Yamaha YAS-CU706 Review


Hey everyone, Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom.

Many of you have asked, and I’m finally starting it on the channel.   I’ll be reviewing sound bars for your home entertainment.  Today, we’re looking at one from Yamaha.  This one features Air Surround Xtreme, essentially a virtual 7.1 surround sound experience, plus it comes with a dedicated wireless subwoofer.  The model number is on your screen, and this Soundbar retails for $1000 at the time of this video, making this one premium option when you compare it to the competition.  As always, I’ll place my Affiliate Links in the video description below, click on those links, and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real time, you never know when these things might go on sale.

So sit back, relax, and hopefully my videos can help you make that purchase decision.  Welcome everyone… to JimsReviewRoom.

Going over the physical features first, the sound bar is much more compact than what I anticipated for it’s price.  The Yamaha has a slim profile that lays flat on the table as shown in the video, or the other option is having the ability to be wall mounted.  The only issue, the retail box does not include any wall mounting screws.

DIMENSIONS : 37-3/8″ x 2-7/8″ x 5-1/8″ (center unit), 11-5/8” x 11-3/4” x 12-1/8” (subwoofer)

The Subwoofer itself looks like a perfect cube at every angle satisfying my OCD for sure.  The subwoofer is also quite small, measuring 12inches in nearly every direction.   (Key Feature : 5-½” Woofer)  Rotating the rear, there’s no knobs to adjust bass levels or gain, but simple enough Wireless pairing, a Status light, and two physical connections to the soundbar are offered.

But getting back to the main soundbar, looking at the rear, there are a decent amount of connections.   Two HDMI inputs with one HDMI out with an Audio Return Channel.  (Key Feature : 4k Passthrough with support for HDR is included)   I’ll place all of my annotations on your screen, pause if you need to if you want to see all the connections available.

But while I’m talking about connections, you can have your device, in my case, either my Playstation or Xbox connected to the speaker, have the Yamaha speaker off, and the audio and video still passes through to my TV.  I know with my home receiver, that had to be on for the video to pass through.  Second, the last connection and a unique feature with Yamaha is that it offers what they call MusicCast.  It allows other MusicCast enabled speakers to push audio over your Wifi network, and have music play through your home. I have the Yamaha WX-010 which can function by itself, but I can also pair this with my soundbar, and have both speakers play the same song at the same time if I link them together, or, I can keep them separate.  I can play one song on the soundbar, and play a completely different song on the WX-010.

All of this can be controlled through the MusicCast App that’s available on both Apple and Android.  With this Yamaha sound bar, you can have Pandora, Spotify, and a few other streaming services as shown on your screen streamed for entertainment.  It doesn’t have to use your phones data or internet service.  If you don’t want Wifi, you can always use Bluetooth as well to play music directly off of your phone as an alternative.

Now, right before I get into the sound test, I wanted to go over what Audio Formats this Sound Bar covers.  It has nearly everything which is great, but the only one that stood out for this speaker’s price range, it doesn’t have Dolby Atmos.  ( Key Features : Dolby Atmos provides an additional level of immersion by offering “height” in directional audio experiences, versus traditional infront, behind, left and right, sides, etc)  There are indeed other speakers, specifically Samsung and LG comes to mind… offering premium sound bars with Dolby Atmos built in, and at times, a hundred to two hundred dollars cheaper.  For the price range, I was expecting Yamaha to be up there with the latest Dolby technology.

So, to the moment you’ve been waiting for, I’ll play several audio tests.  Be sure to put on your headphones or earphones to achieve the best listening experience.

And there you have it folks.  Of course audio recorded on my end and played through your speakers are not the best depiction of audio quality, but hence my review. The first thing you will notice, the Yamaha soundbar is very clear, there’s tons of resolution and detail.  The soundstage is also quite impressive.  The audio separation has been one of the best I’ve experienced for a SoundBar that does not have Dolby Atmos.  Jumping over to bass, I do admit, this is where I found it somewhat lacking.  I had to turn up the bass levels to maximum to achieve what I thought was a suitable level.  This did help make movies somewhat more immersive, music with bass players more noticeable.  Overall, it’s not distorted and quite neutral or flat, but having a bit more bass for entertainment would have been more ideal.  As for actor’s voices, vocals in music, and most of the detail you would hear in the mid-range, the Yamaha is impressive in this feat.  Voices are always clear and distinct, forward for easy to follow and an easy to listen to experience.  And last, even blasting this at high volumes, the speaker thankfully isn’t sharp and ear ringing or ear tinging.  It’s pronounced and reaches a level that does sound satisfying for jet’s flying by or those loud screeches and screams during those scary movies.  Last as a side note, I noticed the speaker featuring just 285watts of total power.  I usually don’t base my reviews off of wattage alone, but I did notice in real-world testing, for a $1000 soundbar, I was expecting a louder experience to really fill up a room, or to really be able to experience the immersion of a movie.  I would say the strong suit for this speaker is it’s clarity, fidelity, detail, and it works great in small to medium sized rooms.  It’s possible it’s not too loud because of it’s slim profile but I do admit, having a sound bar that isn’t gargantuan is a positive that I can’t disregard.  Overall with my assessment, if you have the money and a small area to medium sized space, this speaker will do well, but for the same amount of money, there might be alternatives out there.

So, that’s it for this review.  I hope it helped you in some way.  Be sure to support the channel by Liking and Subscribing if you haven’t already.  I’ll have more sound bars coming down the road so be on the lookout.  You guys take care, and I will see you on the next one.  Bye.



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