V-Moda M100 Wireless Review

It’s been awhile since I reviewed something from V-Moda.  Based on popular demand from you guys, I ordered the M100 Wireless to see how they go.  They’re priced at $300 retail as of this video, but for updated prices, and they have gone down, I’ll place a link in the video description below for you guys to check out.

So without further ado, my channel is here to help YOU, make a purchase decision.  I’m Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom, welcome everyone, to another review.

Going over the physical features, as with the original V-Moda’s, these are built rugged as heck. Doing my stress test, these thing   But getting back to the physical build, the arm’s provide a very clicky extension which stays locked in place with no accidental adjustments when worn.  Moving down, the M100 metal shields are customizable and replaceable for your needs through their website, and moving to the earcups, they’re plastic with metal trim.

Looking at the left earcup, there is a micro-usb port for charging the set.  Charging from a dead battery did take me personally 2hrs to do, and V-Moda does claim upto 12hrs of use, and my testing, I was able to achieve 12hrs and 11 minutes to be precise.  Moving to the right earcup, there’s volume up and down, and in the middle is for playback controls.  On the bottom is a 3.5mm port for physically listening to your audio device, and last is this button to toggle the headphones on and off, and to put them in Bluetooth Search Mode.  I do admit, this sliding button is not refined or smooth at all, you will take notice unfortunately.    And regarding both earcups in general, they don’t swivel, but as stated earlier, for the most part, they fit snuggly around my ear pretty good.  As for stowing, they don’t fold in or the earcups don’t lay flat either.  If transport is a must for you, they’re not too bad when using it with their very cool looking hardshell case, but something for you to keep in mind.  Regarding whats in the case, there’s tons of elastic bands to hold everything in place for sure, there’s enough stiff protection provided to keep these from being damaged.  Speaking of accessories, in the box, you do receive a 3.5mm to 1/4inch adaptor, plus the USB cable and 3.5mm cable for physical connections.

Other than that, testing the Bluetooth signal strength, connecting this to my currently being tested Samsung S7, the signal has gone through several walls and down to the first floor with no issues.  Wearing this with volume up pretty moderately, there is some sound leak noticed through, so anyone close to you may hear what you’re listening to.

And last is the audio test, how do these sound.  First off, these V-Moda’s needs about 3hrs of burn in time from my experience.  First impressions weren’t as impressive, but on the second day of testing these and comparing them to others, these do sound much better.  Starting with bass, it’s punchy and tight, not deep sub-bass levels, but provides a decent amount.  I don’t constitute these as being bassy headphones, so bass heads I think should still look else where, but for a bass boosted signature, I think this is right at home for you.  Regarding mids, after testing a good bit of headphones, I noticed the M100’s has just an ever so slightly bright sound signature.  I personally like it as it sounds like vocals and voices are pushed just ever so slightly forward, and the audio is clear and crisp.  Regarding the high notes, it does sound just ever so slightly mushy, or jumbled together at higher volumes.  The resolution isn’t as clear as I’d hope, but if you don’t have other headphones laying around to critique and compare, the average consumer most likely won’t notice.  But more importantly, they didn’t sound tingy or ear ringing.  Listening to these pair of headphones for about 2hrs straight, I didn’t have any listening fatigue whatsoever and they’re still really enjoyable to listen to.  Other than that, regarding soundstage, after that burn-in period, the soundstage did improve and you can hear a pretty good amount of audio from the left to right, but also above and infront of you.  At the end of the day, I really enjoyed this sound signature and the Crossfade wireless does offer good quality sound with a slightly bright signature and a bit more bass boost that I think many will enjoy.  If you can get them for less than retail, I would highly recommend them at that point.  If you were to check out an alternative around the same price range on sale, look into my recently reviewed Parrot Zik 2.0 review.

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