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Hey everyone, Jimmy with JimsReviewRoom.  UE or Ultimate Ears finally has a new small speaker to compete.  I’m happy to see them offer something in between the UE Roll and the UE Boom.  As always being transparent on my channel, Ultimate Ears sent me this speaker to test under embargo, so I had this for awhile, to see what this is all about.

Prices are on your screen and looking at the competitor’s, they’re looking squarely in the eyes of the new JBL Flip 4.  I’ll have a dedicated and detailed comparison on that very shortly, and last, I’ll place my Amazon affiliate links in the video description below.  Click on my links down there, and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real time.  You never know when these things might go on sale.

So, without further ado, my channel is here to help YOU make a purchase decision.  Welcome everyone, to another review.

Going over the physical features first.  The Wonderboom quite compact.  The design gives it a nice soft look, but, how it’s made, as identical to the other UE products, these things are built like tanks.  It’s dust, mud and stain resistant.  It’s drop resistant from up to 5feet which I’ve tested.  And last, it’s ipx7 certified meaning this can go underwater up to 1 meter and for up to 30minutes. One of the biggest benefits compared to the UE Roll 2 or the newly released JBL Flip 4, this speaker floats on its own.  Peace of mind while you’re at the lake.  Perfect by the pool and you have kids.

Taking a closer look, you have power and pairing uptop.  The UE logo also works as a way to control your music with one tap to pause and play.  A double tap will skip your song forward, but no controls to go back unfortunately.  A triple tap would have been perfect.  Last with the same UE Logo, you can Double UP with another UE Wonderboom and have two of these speakers playing audio. There wasn’t an option to allow for audio separation, simply Left and Right audio channels,  but the two speakers playing at the same time does fill a room much more than obviously just one.  Pairing the two together is very easy and unlike the previous UE products, no app needed, hold the logo down at the same time, and they pair instantly with each other.

Moving on, volume up and down are located on the front.  Pressing both at the same time gives you somewhat of a battery indicator.  It plays a certain tone, to indicate either full, medium or low.  This was one of the biggest gripes I had, simply having the speaker speak the percentage would have been great.  Even 5 white LED’s would have been more intuitive.  It’s not a deal breaker, but something simpler and more precise I think any consumer would appreciate.  Lastly, all the buttons are very responsive.

Rotating to the rear is a port for the micro-usb cable to charge the speaker.   No auxiliary port is offered for physical connections, so just a heads up on that.  UE is claiming battery life to be up to 10hrs of life.  With my testing at 50% volume that I do on all my speakers, I was able to get 10hrs and 20minutes.  I did a second test just incase and had this thing going on full blast and was able to achieve 2hrs and 50minutes to be exact.  Almost three hours.

Regarding Bluetooth signal strength, UE pulls through claiming upto 100 ft signal strength.  Within my house, the signal went through several walls and my first floor ceiling, never did the signal cut out on me.

And last before I give you the audio demo, one of the biggest selling features on the Boom products, they do provide 360 audio output.  No matter which side of the speaker you stand on, you’re going to experience direct audio.

So, let’s get these samples going.  I’ll play several songs for you and then I’ll give you my verdict afterwards.

And there you have it folks.  Of course audio recorded on my end, and then played through your speakers are not the best depiction of audio quality.  Hence my review.  It’s very loud for such a small speaker.  It’s perfect for small rooms and for sure loud enough for medium sized rooms.  When I spoke with UE, they did disclose they went for a more balanced sound signature.  It’s not a bassy bluetooth speaker, it doesn’t sound bass boosted and that’s fine for those who prefer that that type of listening.  Those who are familiar with the Boom 2 and Megaboom, they’ll find the audio characteristics similar to the WonderBoom here.  Majority of the time, I did enjoy this speaker, as a casual speaker as most genre’s performed good. There are a few select songs where there is slight raspiness or distortion between the upper bass frequencies and lower-end of the mid-range.  More noticeable at higher volumes….   Same with the mid-range, it’s somewhat forward which I personally like, but at times, the high frequencies do get sharp and takes away from the experience.  As with most Bluetooth speakers, there’s no audio separation or an open soundstage.  Overall, the characteristics are very much similar to the other UE Boom speakers, where it is loud, where it provides a more neutral bass signature compared to some of it’s competitors.  The biggest selling point and why you would choose the WonderBoom over some others, it’s not necessarily its audio performance, but the fact it’s compact, it floats in water and the biggest reason,  it’s built rugged as hell.  Complete peace of mind.

So that’s it for this review.  Be sure to Like and Subscribe if you haven’t already.  Also add me on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.  JimmyLuongOfficial is my personal motivational account, JimsReviewRoom is where you’ll find all my tech and behind the scenes stuff.  As always my channel is here to help YOU make a purchase decision.  You guys take care.  I’ll see you, on the next one.  Bye.




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